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A second piggyback ride

Bally Sagoo has perfected the craft of taking someone else's tune and making it sound 'hip'

Bollywood Flashback 2
Bally Sagoo
Sony Music
Rs 65

In 1994 Bally Sagoo reminded listeners of the existence of R D Burman's stylish hits when he remixed Chura liya in Bollywood Flashback 1. For the sort of listener who had contemptuously dismissed everything even six months old, the tunes were a revelation. Bally Sagoo had added a drum machine to jazz up an already lively R D Burman. And his career was made. Thank you Pancham.

Here's another flashback. The album again dips into the treasury of unforgettable old tunes. It also features the title song from the recent Shah Rukh-Juhi starrer Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. New voices sing the songs; the melody's the same, but the orchestra arrangement is new. Bally Sagoo's.

Gunjan, the new voice Bally is proudly promoting, is feeble and faltering. She sings Noorie (Noorie), Sajna kahe bhool gaye (Chand Mera Aaja), Aaja ayee bahar (Rajkumar) and Aaj phir jeena ki tamanna hai (Guide) .

Ram Shankar sounds very much like Chanchal of the original Nain naiyon bolna from Bobby and his rendering is full of intensity. His improvisations are strong too.

Dipalee Somaiyya sings Hai hai yeh majboori (Roti Kapada Aur Makan). Another thin voice. But then the voice is not very prominently mastered. The music is a trance-dance combination.

The sleeve notes by The Apprentice and Hype PR feature these mysterious lines: "All good things which exist are the fruit of originality… Good order is the foundation of all good things which has delved into yet again and substructure to each individual's taste..."

As long as nobody wants to do a remix of Bally Sagoo's work, you can rest in peace. No Ballywood Flashback please.

S Suchitra Lata

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