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A place to sell books online

A just-opened shop invites writers of music books to sell online

Are you looking for a place to sell the book you wrote?

A new online bookstore offers to do it for you. David Wimble, who runs Big Meteor Records and has recently compiled The Indie Contact Bible, has now set up Best Music Books to sell books online.

"Best Music Books is a new online music bookstore that covers every aspect of the music industry," says Wimble.

He is willing to consider for sale any book or series of educational tapes.

Does that include books on Indian music? Since Wimble has dealt mostly with the US community, he's not sure how a book on Indian music would sell at his shop. "I don't think it would hurt to try though," he says.

Wimble says he can sell books in the Indian languages also as long as they relate to music.

Wimble's focus is the independent music artiste. "Indie is short for independent music, which is any kind of music not associated with a large label. Indian music certainly qualifies," he explains.

About The Indie Contact Bible, he says, "It's an enormous list of URLs and addresses where Indie artists can send their music for review or air play consideration. There are many links to North American sites, but there is also a strong international representation, which will make it appealing to Indie artists throughout the world."

Wimble says he has listed over 1,100 publications, sites and people that will consider an Indie CD for review, over 850 radio stations that will consider Indie music for broadcast.

"A majority of these are college and university stations that would have a programme that showcases Indian music. I'm sure most of these stations would be happy to accept submissions," says Wimble.

He has also listed a hundred sites that help artistes sell music online.

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