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Magazine for music and video buffs

A new monthly, published from Mumbai, presents fare aimed at the music and video buff. Nearly half the June issue is devoted to technical reviews of new audio and video players in the market

Special Interest Publications, a division of the Mumbai-based Tata Donelly Ltd, has launched a monthly magazine for music and video buffs. Called AV Max, the 112-page magazine is priced at Rs 50. The size is slightly larger than A4.

The June issue carries Whitney Houston on the cover, and an unsigned article inside that describes her as the 'greatest' ever! Okay, we all agree she's a terrific talent, but surely she can't be "the most gifted singer of all time"? A profile of Kalyanji Anandji and an interview with Sandeep Chowta are among the music-related features in this issue.

The first half of the magazine is devoted entirely to technology -- describing and evaluating new audio and video products in the market. The June issue reviews some brands of DVD, VCD and CD players. AV Max also reviews recently released audio and video titles.

The technical reviewers are knowledgeable, but the same can't be said of all music album reviewers. The magazine has a glossy feel, thanks to the rich quality of printing and paper.

With so few print magazines on music in the market, it is no surprise that AV Max has found ready readers. It has an all-India marketing team, and is edited by Joseph Zuzarte.

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