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Mehuhin with wife Hepzibah The warmth of the violin
Yehudi Menuhin was a compassionate political man, relating to issues far removed from his own Western world. He could easily bridge activism with music. Excerpt from Lionel Rolfe's important new book    More

The warmth of the violin -- II
Menuhin showed the humanity of the wooden violin against the clang of the industrial age and the heartlessness of the computer age. Second part of the the book excerpt    More

Lonely in LA
Lionel Rolfe talks about how he came to write a history of the Menuhins, and the relevance of leftist thought in an age when huge corporations control our lives    More

Cut out the music!   From our archives
The music industry, rather than clergy or governments, is the biggest censor today. Greed rules, and labels are overanxious not to offend the paying consumer. So they end up stifling music that challenges conventions and seeks to change things. A review of Index on Censorship, a magazine that Mehuhin supported    More

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