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The untold story of
'Bombro bombro' 

What is the source of the Hrithik-Preity hit song from Mission Kashmir ? A Kashmiri pandit recalls how the original was written sometime in 1953

UNI has put out a story quoting a Kashmiri pandit who says the popular Mission Kashmir song is taken from a 1953 Kashmiri opera:

Onkar Aima, a Kashmiri pandit settled in Mumbai, says that the lyrics are neither 'Bhumro' nor 'Bumro' but 'Bombro', the Kashmiri name for bumble bee. The original song, considered a superb poetic composition in Kashmiri literature, was written by Dinanath Nadim in 1953 for his opera Bombur Yembarzal and not "Bumboor Yamborzal'', as reported in some places.

'Yamberzal' is the Kashmiri name for the flower narcissus. In any case, 'bombur' is a noun and pronouncing it slightly differently does not change its meaning.Bhumbro bhumbro, the original composition of Mohanlal Aima, is available with many people, and in the Kashmir radio library.

After Pakistani raiders were driven out in 1947 and an elected government was formed in Jammu and Kashmir, leaders of the Indian nationalist movement (Dinanath Nadim, Mohanlal Aima, Onkar Aima and M L Kemmu) wanted to keep the Kashmiri away from the influence of Pakistani fundamentalism and revive Kashmir as "a grand arena of the arts".

Nadim, being a highly talented poet, gifted opera to Kashmir. He wrote the opera Bombur Yamberzal, which won many awards, including the Soviet Land
Nehru Award presented by what was then called the USSR.

Another song from Mission Kashmir -- Rinda posh-i-mal gin-da-ney
dra-yi lo lo
-- (which means 'my carefree beloved goes out for
merriment') is written by Rasul Mir, a great poet. Tunes for both these songs were composed by Mohanlal Aima, who was in charge of the music section of Radio Kashmir for many years, Onkar Aima said.

Mohanlal Aima has composed music for Pomposh, a short film that won credit for music at the Cannes festival. A Kashmiri feature film called Mainzrath, which won the President's silver medal, gave a lead role to him. Mahjoor, a Kashmiri and Hindi film, feartured a cast including Balraj Sahni and Aima. Other films Mohanlal Aima gave music to are Kashmira and Do Dost.

Shyam Koul, veteran journalist and author of the book Agony of Kashmir, said Mohanlal Aima's compositions "dwell in the hearts of the people and linger on their lips". Bombro bombro, which he composed and sang for Nadim's famous opera, tops his hit list.

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