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V are not like this only!

Channel V is no longer just a music channel. It has added a host of new shows, and is trying to be an omnibus youth channel

Channel V and MTV have been at loggerheads ever since they set foot in Asia. In India, each has tried to be more Indian than the other. Indian accents, Hindi film previews, promos with an Indian punch. That's how we got to meet the endearing Quick Gun Murugan and the eccentric Aunty 303.

Things continued in this vein till August 15 when Channel V revamped itself into a youth channel. It threw out its old veejays and hired a new gaggle of teenyboppers. Newspapers wrote about the unceremonious dumping of the old order.

Channel V now as a host of new programmes. In Virtual V you are introduced to the cyberworld, Patli Galli is all about adventure sports, Job shop could get you that MNC job, and Tea with V, as its host Mathew Kordolia claims, will cure your worst blues.

Gone India takes you into the interiors of this country. Veejay Gaurav Kapoor keeps reminding you about his feat: doing the trip on a shoestring budget. Well, only problem is, that could be a decent enough budget for a majority of Indians!

In V Dares, Vekeana dares people to strip, pierce themselves, or kiss. The idea is to use shock value to amuse.

Steve Smith, the channel's MD, believes young people will find the new programmes "something they can easily relate to".

Music is no longer the stape of Channel V. But in its eagerness to please the college crowd, it runs the danger of losing all its other viewers.

What do you think?

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