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S Suchitra Lata, Editor Welcome to The Music Magazine

Music is an abstract art. We respond to it subjectively. We have our personal choices, our favourites. At the same time music is situated in an objective context. This is where analysis and criticism come in.

Mainstream newspapers write very little about music. Television channels concentrate on pop and film music. But there is a great wealth of music in other genres that the big media ignore. Classical music, for instance, finds little time on television. Or jazz. Or folk music. All of which discerning music-lovers would like to know about.

We see the need for a well-researched magazine that intelligently bridges the gap between music and the music lover and covers all musical genres. Hence this effort.

We update our newsclips and features every week, and our reviews every month. That way you get to know what's happening in India's lively music bazaar.

Experienced media professionals with music expertise write for this magazine. They love music, and they love it passionately enough to want to share their ideas with other music lovers. Which means you get incisive, analytical and insightful views and reviews.

This magazine is a dream we have nurtured for a long time. It has taken shape now, thanks to the possibilities opened up by the Internet. Web journalism is interactive and environment-friendly. We address a worldwide audience, and will strive to produce responsible, sensitive writing.

A special thank you to Mr Umesh Pai of HMV, Jayant and Satish of Genius Computers, M Sreedhara Murthy, Gowri, Mani, Anu and all the others whose enthusiasm helped us get this magazine going.

We hope you enjoy reading The Music Magazine. Do write to us with your ideas and suggestions.

S Suchitra Lata
3 Aparnalaya,
36th Cross, 26th Main,
9th Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore 560 069, India

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