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The power of music

Music is used extensively in religion, but its subversive power scares clergy, and governments. The intensity of music often catches them unawares. Music is more than mere entertainment. When it becomes an instrument of defiance, or an expression of dissent, it invites the wrath of the powerful.

We carry a review of Smashed Hits, a well-researched document of how music is suppressed around the world. Index on Censorship, a journal coming out of London, has been championing the cause of free expression. We thought its issue on music censorship would be of interest to our readers.

August has been an exciting month for The Music Magazine. We found ourselves recommended on Encyclopedia Brittanica's web guide. Shubha Mudgal, the classical vocalist who has redefined Indian pop, told an MTV veejay about our magazine, and said she visited us every couple of days. Hitbox, an independent US web ranker, gave us top marks. Readers too have been writing to us with their comments and suggestions. Thank you, and we promise to do our best to keep your favourite e-zine lively and informative.

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Each issue begins with at least a dozen reviews, and we add new stuff as the month progresses. We have been updating the magazine every two or three days. Keep visiting us often. And tell your music-loving friends about The Music Magazine.

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