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New features this issue, at a glance

Kerala's own voice
The history of Malayalam cinema is closely linked with the career of K J Yesudas, who just turned 60. An ardent admirer, who hopes to be serenaded by him some day, profiles her 30,000-song idol

Make your music flow
A Chennai company says you can use Liquid Audio to take your music worldwide

Namaskara to an Agra gharana master
Pandit Ramarao Naik, disciple of Ustad Faiyaz Khan and recepient of India's most coveted music awards, lived a simple, almost obscure life. Star vocalists from four gharanas salute the musicians' musician, who died a year ago, with a series of concerts

Plenty to come in the 21st century
Jazz in the new century will thrive not just in the US, but in Britain, India and, believe it or not, Azerbaijan. A look at brilliant young artistes who are carrying the torch forward

Fire spreads to Europe
Antaragni, a talented youth band, is making music that is funky and full of feeling. It fuses Karnatak music with Bob Dylan-style melodies, and recently wowed a European audience

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