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Features this month

Honour for the serene music man
N V Gopinath, the sitarist with the gentle touch, uses temple analogies to explain musical concepts. An intimate portrait    More

Playback man's private trip
Srinivas, south Indian cinema's popular new voice, chucked a lucrative career in dyestuffs to pursue music. He has just released his first private album, with his own words and music. 'I'm a mad fan of Ilaiyaraja,' says he in an exclusive interview, 'but working with him is difficult

More TV channels, more music
In just one month, three new channels have entered Kannada households. Three more are ready to go on air. You can eat, drink and sleep music, but do the channels have it in them to look beyond film songs?   More

Kishen Kumar still not free
A Delhi court rules that Kishen Kumar, T Series boss, can't be given bail. Police first went after him in the matchfixing case; now the Enforcement Directorate is investigating his alleged violation of foreign exchange rules   More

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