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Festival of luminous music   Oct 20, 21
Barsi, the first ever dhrupad festival in the south, brings that ancient style, named after the luminous evening star, to Bangalore    More

Still wanna hold their hands   Special
A steadfast fan replays The Beatles in her mind, and describes how the band had swept her, then an adolescent, tempestuously off her feet    More

'Indifference breeds everywhere'   Reader response
Is Remo getting unduly upset? And doesn't the incident throw up questions about the status of accompanying artistes?    More
More discussion mail

'Brilliant doctorates don't make good people'    Remo's mail
Three members of Remo Fernandes's band died in a road accident, a few hours after they had performed at IIT, Kanpur. The nightmare was compounded by what the Humma humma singer calls the acting director's hypocritical offer of condolences   More

Lata for you on B4U   New
A new music channel gets Lata Mangeshkar on its board of advisors, and gives Channel V and MTV the shivers   More

Who pays the piper?   Special
No auspicious ceremony is complete without it, yet the great art of nagaswaram playing is slowly fading. An extensive study of how the masters live, and why their children are reluctant to continue their invaluable legacy    More

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