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This month's recommendations


Aks: Lucky Ali brings line art into pop singing

Mann ke Manjeere: Featuring Shubha Mudgal and four other women singers, this album has a warm emotional focus


Samarpanam: Two volumes of Thyagaraja, rendered by old and young vocalists. A useful study in styles

Namagiripettai Krishnan: He plays ragas like Todi with expansiveness

Hindi film

Fiza : Anu Malik proves his consistency with another good score


Live in Paris: John McLaughlin, famous in India for his jazz fusion group Shakti, gives you 80 minutes of sheer delight


Alaap is a 20-CD introduction to Indian music, put together by Aurobindo Society and released by Times Music. Comes with a book


Love and Longing in London and L.A.: Lionel Rolfe's novel is about Yehudi Menuhin -- his life, love, political activism, and above all, his great music

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