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17 Aug 2001
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Yaar tune kya copy kiya!   Response
Sandeep Chowta's background score for Jungle might have won the Filmfare award, but Karthik S thinks he is a shameless plagiarist  More

Pyar tunes from Sandeep Chowta   Review
The promos for Pyar Tune Kya Kiya , a Ram Gopal Varma presentation, say it is a love story that's not so pleasant, but Sandeep Chowta's tunes have a cheerful air  More

Ahimsa at the Music Academy   Feature
Yesudas presents a multimedia show in Chennai, with Ricardo Bararantes, the Peruvian who made the Ahimsa album, and a group of dancers  More

Was it a joke after all?   Browser mail
Deep Purple's India concert continues to provoke debate, and A R Rahman's Lagaan reminds a reader of vintage music  More

Hi Bob, you don't know me but I know you   Personal essay
A young fan rhapsodises about Bob Dylan, who's just won an Oscar for his song in the campus drama Wonder Boys  More

Woman Express and journey songs   Feature
Why did N S Sumati, singer of the Agra gharana, suddenly turn her attention to pop? The story of how Gamini, the first all-women pop album in Kannada, came about  More

Music from a magical realm   Review
Celtic Fantasy comes from the Irish world, where fairies and elves work their magic on mundane things  More

Ravichandran in 'Usire' The words be jammed!   Review
The words in the Ilaiyaraja album Usire seem strangely jammed, and the stress consistently falls on the wrong place. This makes it hard to comprehend the drift of the words  More

Selections from a master's fertile period   Review
The Best of Miles Davis comes to India 10 years after the master's death, and gives you a relaxed trumpeter doing great solos  More

Music for the body   Impressions
Deep Purple is a sophisticated celebration of primitivism. Ask this 43-year-old who turned 16 when she heard them live!  More

The arrival of Karthik Raja   Review
With this colourful score for Dum Dum Dum, Karthik Raja has broken into Mani Ratnam's production house, till now a Rahman monopoly  More

Explosive stuff from the 'gods of rock'   Concert review
You could feel Deep Purple's compressed energy explode in your gut at Bangalore, the band's only stopover in India  More

Veena on rock terrain   News
Esperanto is touring the US and performing with a host of American musicians. Gopal and Geetha Navale, founders of the fusion band, talk about their musical journey  More

Raga festival in 'beer city'  News
April is to Bangalore what December is to Chennai -- a time to catch the best classical musicians live. The season could also prompt the e-Bangalorean to take a look at the city's more traditional face  More

Abhishek in 'Refugee': awards for music Refugee bags awards for Anu Malik, Javed  News
But three of the jury say the top awards were rigged by a "cynical political cartel" of BJP supporters  More

A poet lost among scholars  Feature
If only the Tirupati temple authorities would make small concessions for non-Telugus, Annamacharya might reach more people  More

Music of the gallery  Feature
With India on a winning spree, Ambujam Anantharaman gives you a commentary on the clapping, the applause and the music at our cricket stadiums  More Listen to the Dude, he'll do you good: Links to Oyeindia's music section

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