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April-May 2002

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Remembering the violin maestro  Events
Isaac Stern was the guiding spirit for the Miyazaki festival, and this year's event is dedicated to his memory More

Debut without lustre  Review
With Sri, one more music director enters Tamil filmdom. T S Muralitharan's is no Harris Jeyaraj-style debut More

A singer emerges in Houston  Reader review
Sukanya Balachandran, disciple of Anuradha Subramanian, makes her debut in Karnatak music More

Where's Usha Uthup in Dum maro dum?  Quiz talk
Comments, insights, trivia, barbs, repartees, jokes and all the fun that went into the skewed duets quiz set by Radha and Abhay More

Look before you iLEAP  Mail
Can this software really help song transmission among Indian languages? More

Swede dreams under an Indian sky  Profile
Niklas Holmberg comes from Abba and Ace of Base country, composes techno beats, plays the sitar, and gazes at the stars in Bangalore More

Ten real classics of A R Rahman  Feature
They may be Side B numbers, but they outshine his more popular Muqabalas and Chaiyya chaiyyas More

Yesudas's first ever album of Haridasa songs  Short review
Krishna Nee Begane Baaro is just out, and it comes with two companion albums of classical and bhajan compositions More

KVN, Anand Bakshi dead; CD prices crash   News
K V Narayanaswamy, upholder of the highest classical values in Karnatak music, and Anand Bakshi, writer of 5,000 songs, are no more More

Saxophonist at his most intense  Review
The Very Best of John Coltrane gives you the "sheets of sound" that the sax man poured out at the peak of his brief career More

Voice that sang with Bismillah Khan's shehnai  Review
Lalitha Nagarajan won the praise of composers like Vasant Desai and could have been another Lata or Asha, but she chose the classical path More

Vocal jazz from the '40s  Review
Lena Horne hit the big time in films and ran with pop rather than jazz, but she's still a positive delight, as you can see in a new BMG Crescendo release More

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