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30 August 2000

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Tells you what this thing jazz is   New
Jam Session features top improvisers and is a happy blend of swing, be-bop and the as yet unborn hard bop    More

Two lives' work in half a lifetime   New
Charlie Parker, addicted to heroin and unable to get along with people, died at 35, but not before he had played some divine jazz. His 80th birth anniversary falls on August 29    More

A sabha's bouquet for MS  New
Hamsadhwani celebrated its 10th birthday with an eclectic festival featuring Karnatak and Hindustani stars, and a harikatha about M S Subbulakshmi    More

O sathi re!  New
Kalyanji, who died in Mumbai, leaves a half century of work, and friends who remember him for his generosity and humour    More

Prashanth's better seen than heard  New
The actor sings off-key in Parthen Rasithen, a film for which Bharadwaj makes music    More

Love dipped in anguish  New
Marc Antony brings a ghazal-like pessimism to Latin, a style that's usually more body than soul    More

Karnataka's Kabir gives you 'incredible metaphors'  Special interview
C Ashwath, the man who gave voice to Shishunala Sharif's mysticism and made the music for some internationally acclaimed films, sings at the world Kannada conference in Houston (Sept 1 to 3)    More

Who has heard Subramania Bharati's best songs?  New
Bombay Jayashree, classical vocalist who loves rendering the nationalist poet, says his best compositions are still not popular    More

Gamaka-rich music for a film on Bharati  I-Day special
Bharati, filmed by an IAS officer, celebrates the nationalist poet's life with an acoustically lavish but stylistically restrained score by Ilaiyaraja    More

Bye, Disco Deewane girl  Obit
Nazia Hassan, the bubble gum idol who brought disco into Indian homes, dies of cancer    More

Vishal with verve  New
Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar is a fun album, and could well do the trick for the talented Vishal Bharadwaj, shunned so far by Mumbai moghuls for being too 'arty'    More

Speaking Latin in the global village  New
Enrique is a showcase for Enrique Iglesias's talent, but like Ricky Martin, he sings Latin music in an unindividual global style    More

A double for A R Rahman  New
Music composer Shrikanth plays Rahman's double in Doubles. Does film commerce dictate that newcomers adhere to Rahman's style, or is it just plain adulation?    More

Sound career options  New
Films, TV, albums ... the industry is clamouring for sound engineers. Two new institutes in Chennai offer courses in audio engineering, and promise to open the doors to a career at the studios    More

Khalid Mohamed's directorial debut   New
The man who writes sardonic reviews in Filmfare and Times of India tries his hand at movie making. Fiza is also Hrithik's second film, and a test of consistency for Anu Malik    More

Still no sign of Rajkumar   Update
Veerappan is seeking clarifications from the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments, and there's till no sign of the kidnapped star's release    More

Rajkumar's rich musicscape   Special
In five volumes, Legends walks you through the happy, sad and pious numbers of this versatile singer-actor    More

Same trip again  New
Ek Dana brings Daler Mehndi back after a year-long break. He's still where you last saw him: riding the loudness bandwagon    More

Padams from a playback star
Chithra's rendering of Swathi Thirunal's Malayalam padams is flawless, and the orchestra resonates with authentic sounds    More

Keyboard wizard's unoriginal album
Adnan Sami Khan, reputed as the world's fastest keyboard player, falters in Kabhi to Nazar Milao, his album with Asha Bhonsle   More

Snapshot of Kitaro
In Thinking of You Kitaro moves away from grandeur to more delicate and gentle music    More

Shravan's sons score above-average marks
Sanjeev Darshan's first film Mann flopped, but its music won praise. Deewane shows that they're no fluke punters    More

Fun with spaceships and heaving seas
In Aquarius, Aqua zoom off into space and dive deep under water, mocking sci-fi with their mischievous, ribald wit    More

The magic of new orchestral colour
Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Ismail Darbar's second film, shows his flair for warm violin passages and daring orchestral mixing and matching    More

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Some recent stories   Profile

Pandit Madhav Gudi talks about life with Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Ghaath shows Anu Malik in reasonable form

Hariharan's Kaash gives you at least three lovely numbers

Rahman comes up with slow music in Alai Payuthe

Anu Malik spoils a mellow score in Refugee by overusing violins and the chorus

Trance is a child of modern technolgy and our fetish for speed

Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any previous Rahman score

It's a symphony orchestra playing the background score in Kamala Hasan's Hey Ram

  Concerts and 'shows'

Balasaheb Poochwale: master from Gwalior

Sing like you talk to a friend. Don't be calculative on stage. Never pretend. That's Bala Saheb Poochwale's philosophy of concert music. And every word rings true when you hear his singing in the Gwalior style


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