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17 Aug 2001
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Seeking a style  Review
Meri Jaan, Vasundhara Das's first private album, shows her seaching for the right genre. Shakalaka baby is still her best song   More

The standards are high  Review
There's one hour of top-class music, and not a single dud track, in the compilation Jazz Standards 2    More

Mandolin Srinivas makes movie music  News
He's the wizkid who picked up the Western mandolin and played the graces of south Indian classical music. The prodigy is now composing songs for a Charu Hassan starrer    More

Vedavalli: teaching improvisation What does niraval mean?  News
R Vedavalli, the highly regarded classical vocalist who was recently honoured with the title of Sangeeta Kalanidhi, demonstrates the principles of improvisation on Manodharma Sangeetha, a useful HMV album    More

Court presses pause button on Napster  News
The ruling against Napster, the spectacularly successful music exchange service on the Net, brings to mind the Indian music scene of two decades ago, when cassettes threatened the gramophone record trade    More

Showcase of a great pioneer's work  Review
Legends of the 20th Century features a hand-picked introduction to the later Ellington    More

Vijayakanth stars in 'Vaanchinathan' Rich and unsure about the way  Review
An indiscriminate lushness defines Karthik Raja's score for the Vijayakanth starrer Vaanchinathan    More

Media Dreams is getting a bit mixed up  Letters
This new label may be working wonders with recordings from the masters, but it needs to get its facts right, says S Suresh    More

Musicians' mite for Gujarat  News
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and jazz legend John MacLaughlin will play in London to raise funds for quake victims    More

Udupa: putting Dikshitar together Everything the master ever composed  Feature
A subtle Meenakshi memudam or a chirpy Shaktisahita ganapathim? You find notations and meanings for all Dikshitar compositions in Anandarama Udupa's new compilation    More

Where's the old Deva?  Review
Is he distracted or is this the beginning of a new avatar? Virumbikiren boasts sounds he has never used before    More

Jazz on the Net and other issues  Feature
Jazzebel takes you on a guided tour of the best jazz sites, and rebuts the accusation that he's encouraging piracy   More

Ravi Shankar's namaskaram to MS  Feature
February 3 brought Pandit Ravi Shankar to Chennai, where he presented a concert to help a research centre named after MS and her husband Sadasivam    More

When love eludes a genius  Feature
Swan Lake and Nutcracker are charming ballets that give no clue about the personal disasters in the life of its composer, the legendary Tchaikovsky    More

A festival with Annamayya  Feature
Tirupati will witness a 11-day festival where 300 verses of Annamacharya, the temple town's most famous son, will be sung    More Listen to the Dude, he'll do you good: Links to Oyeindia's music section

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