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April-May 2002

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Questions about sarigama  Quiz
Dr K R S Murthy sets an open quiz for those interested in the basics of Indian classical music More

Tribute to a gentleman composer  Obit
Vijayabhaskar lived a full life, and made music for over 50 years More

Memories of the Blue Trane   Feature
In just a decade, John Coltrane had come to be identified by many as an almost mystical force in jazz and a great innovator even for those not susceptible to such impressions More

Ravi Shankar brings home another Grammy   News
The sitarist and godfather of world music is honoured with a third Grammy, this time for his album Full Circle/Carnegie Hall 2000 More

A royal feast of fine music   Review
The Swathi Sangeethothsavam 2002, exclusively featuring the compositions of Swathi Thirunal, saw performances of a very high order. A first person account from the palaceMore

Sonu weds, and a book's ready for release   News
Catch up with music news: Sonu Nigam's wedding, Ravikiran's book release and the death of Nagarajan and Harishankar, two khanjira masters More

Heard these skewed duets?   Feature
Match your wits with other lovers of Hindi film music. A witty, fun-filled quiz put together by Abhay and Radha More

Exciting music tells this story   Feature
The Benny Goodman Story -- a collection of songs from the film on the jazz bandleader and elsewhere -- can rival any other in completeness and standard More

Sitars in his eyes   Feature
John Perkins, Scotsman sitarist, puts online raga lessons recorded with guru Dr Raj Bhan Singh of Varanasi More

Headbanging in Bangalore   Review
RadioCity, India's first private FM channel, got Bangalore's rock bands all excited with a contest, and the finale saw winners Antaragni performing alongside Document: Done, Pentagram and Euphoria More

Songs in the Mani Ratnam mode   Review
Rahman gives Kannatil Muthamittal a score that carries forward Mani Ratnam's style of consciously juxtaposing traditional and modern musical genres More

New wine in old bottle   Review
Dil Chahta Hai, which beat Lagaan to win the best music award at the Screen ceremony, came as a breath of fresh air in a bad business year More

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