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January/February 2002

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Another composer bids goodbye   Obit
Upendra Kumar, maker of hit Rajkumar melodies, dies of jaundice More

Musical from an ace director   Review
Sunil Kumar Desai, who gave several hits with Ilaiyaraja, now makes Parva with Hamsalekha's music More

Carry on Crazy   Review
Kamala Hasan's latest comedy Pammal K Sambandham has music by Deva, who gives two worthwhile tunes More

Space effects on 'Eppo varuvaro'   Review
Shreeni dons a music composer's cap and weaves some Enigma into his tracks More

In praise of Jagjit Singh   Browser mail
The Visaal review makes a Coke versus Pepsi sort of comparison between Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali, writes Tipparaju Sailendra More

Sarangi meets mandolin  Review
Ustad Sultan Khan and U Shrinivas play together on Sahavaadhan, and their rare collaboration brings out some inspired music More

Good collection -- but caveat emptor!  Review
If you can overlook the tiresome repetition of tracks found on other Times Music anthologies, ET and All That Jazz is a worthwhile album More

Meend over matter  Feature
Kamala Shankar of Varanasi takes a step forward in adapting the guitar to Indian classical music More

'Indian background scores insult the actors'  Interview
That's Sandeep Chowta talking about recording, how he became Ram Gopal Varma's favourite, and which projects excite him More

Selling style, not content  Browser mail
The music market is ruled by the producers' desire to sell a 'lifestyle' to the teen market, says Durga Prasad More

A film album supervised by Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt  Review
Bhawandar is a cinematic take on the life of Bhanwari Devi, who was physically abused and humiliated for campaigning against child marriage More

Reality T [V]  News feature
Channel [V] and Times Music have joined hands to hunt for five girls who will be transformed, as you watch, into popstars More

Bright, happy and sentimental  Review
Loveless Love offers tunes that show a less tragic face of Billie Holiday, the jazz singer who was ravaged by alcohol and heroin More

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