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31 July 2000

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One year of The Music Magazine! Your favourite e-zine took off in July 1999

Veerappan kidnaps Rajkumar  News flash
The sandalwood smuggler holds the singing star captive, sends an audio tape with his demands, and drives the government into a tizzy    More

Jazz tributes to a great Broadway composer  New
You're the Tops is an album that collects some excellent tributes jazz musicians have paid to Cole Porter by using his work    More

Play on for now, Napster  New
The wildly popular music-exchange site, accused of abetting copyright violation, survives a "death sentence"    More

Snapshot of Kitaro  New
In Thinking of You Kitaro moves away from grandeur to more delicate and gentle music    More

Percussion from across the continents  New
Across the Bridge is a Times Music album that puts together an array of fascinating rhythms    More

Shravan's sons score above-average marks   New
Sanjeev Darshan's first film Mann flopped, but its music won praise. Deewane shows that they're no fluke punters    More

Out of the studios, and enjoying it  New
Should studio musicians remain in the studios? No, says the young group Sanjog, and brings them on to the concert stage    More

Fun with spaceships and heaving seas  New
In Aquarius, Aqua zoom off into space and dive deep under water, mocking sci-fi with their mischievous, ribald wit    More

The magic of new orchestral colour   New
Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Ismail Darbar's second film, shows his flair for warm violin passages and daring orchestral mixing and matching    More

Some 'mast' again  New
Ghaath, starring Manoj Bajpai and Tabu, may not give you great tunes, but Anu Malik is in reasonable form    More

Outrage over Pakeezah songs in English film  New
Pakeezah, Kamaal Amrohi's 1971 cinemascope film whose songs turned it into a surprise hit, is at the centre of a spat between the director's son and HMV    More

Nadeem-Shravan return from the wilderness  New
The one-time hit duo come back with an Arab accent in Dhadkan, starring Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Shilpa Shetty    More

'God may be false, my guru is true'   Exclusive
Pandit Madhav Gudi talks about Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, and the joy and despair of living with a genius    More

Sheer genius in an undiscerning album   New
Louis Armstrong shines through an album put together by Universal with little concern for jazz quality    More

Didi O! This is good fusion  New
Kenza presents Khaled experimenting soberly with African and Latin sounds. The singer who shot to fame with the upbeat Didi has arrived at a mature fusion of world styles    More

Bangla flavour from Chicago  New
A band offers its entire first album, Novochari, free on the Net. And if you buy their CD, they give away most of the money to a friend fighting cancer   More

Digging up a treasure from jazz history  New
Moonlight Jazz Moods offers consistent quality, and some rare Nat 'King' Cole and Sinatra dating back to 1945   More

Tamil flower in a baroque garden  New
In Karisakattu Poove, Ilaiyaraja amazingly conjures up a south Indian village even when he uses a European-style violin orchestra    More

Why I hate MTV  Reader mail
Do we need an anorexic bimbo to tell us that it's "cool" to be gay, or "un-cool" to be wearing certain clothes? Mark Harmon is angry that a multibillion dollar corporation is running young people's lives   More

Know about any vintage Indian music site?  Reader mail
If you do, you could help in the preparation of a discography   More

They grew up together, jazz and Satchmo   New
Louis Armstrong claimed he was born on 4 July, the day Americans celebrate their freedom. July is a good time to look back at the career of a great singer and trumpeter whose free music was born behind bars, in a reform school    More

Print magazine for music and video buffs  New
AV Max is a glossy from Mumbai that reviews audio and video technology   More

Veteran voices for teenybopper faces  New
Dil Kahin Hosh Kahin features 60-plus voices singing for actors who look barely 15   More

Bichoo sticks to the same old formula
This Bobby Deol-Rani Mukherjee starrer follows the Guddu Dhanoa pattern of one 'item number', one slow melody and two Punjabi pop songs. The Hans Raj Hans-Shweta Shetty number deserves your attention    More

Lyricist Hamsalekha scores over composer Hamsalekha
The Shivaraj Kumar-Ambarish starrer Devara Maga is Bangarada Manushya revisited. Hamsalekha writes striking lines but don't expect tunes like Nagunagutha nali nali   More

Jazz with an Indian flavour
Shakti, with Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram and John MacLaughlin, pioneered a blend of Indian rhythms and jazz melody. Remember Shakti, in two volumes, presents them live    More

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Some recent stories   Interview

Hariharan's Kaash gives you at least three lovely numbers

Srinivas, south Indian cinema's new playback singer, on how he gave up dyestuffs for music

Balamuralikrishna stumbled upon a notebook and found Swathi Thirunal Kritis

Shah Rukh Khan makes an atonal singing debut in Josh

Ravichandran makes violin-rich music in O Nanna Nalle

Rahman comes up with slow music in Alai Payuthe

Trance is a child of modern technolgy and our fetish for speed

Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any previous Rahman score

It's a symphony orchestra playing the background score in Kamala Hasan's Hey Ram

  Living with a legend  New

Gudi: Joshi's foremost disciple

Hundreds would gladly give one arm to be in his place. Pandit Madhav Gudi has lived with Pandit Bhimsen Joshi for 26 years. In an exclusive interview, he talks about the joy and despair of learning from a genius, and the difficulty of moving out of his shadow


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