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28 June 2000

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Bichoo sticks to the same old formula  New
This Bobby Deol-Rani Mukherjee starrer follows the Guddu Dhanoa pattern of one 'item number', one slow melody and two Punjabi pop songs. The Hans Raj Hans-Shweta Shetty number deserves your attention    More

Hits like 'Veera' will now be sold through HMV outlets HMV channels for Pyramid titles  New
Gramophone Company of India, the giant that owns HMV, will rule the Tamil film music market, now that it has acquired distribution rights for 440 coveted film titles from Pyramid   More

Some passable music in a loud album  New
Sabri Brothers, the famous qawwals, are the choice of the Nana Patekar film Tarkieb. The album also features Jagjit Singh, Shaan and Sagarika, and a deep-voiced Richa Sharma    More

Lyricist Hamsalekha scores over composer Hamsalekha  New
The Shivaraj Kumar-Ambarish starrer Devara Maga is Bangarada Manushya revisited. Hamsalekha writes striking lines but don't expect tunes like Nagunagutha nali nali   More

Love songs without the acoustic magic   New
Humsafar from Pankaj Udhas features poetry that's a welcome contrast to film songs, but the acoustic ghazal feel is missing   More

11 beats and a new tala  New
Rajgopal Kallurkar, disciple of the legendary Ustad Sheikh Dawood Khan, has composed an odd-beat tala for both solo and khayal accompaniment   More

They want Sonu to act  New
Producers who saw him in a music video want him to be the hero in their movies! Sonu Nigam has 16 acting offers on hand    More

Bridging love and despair  New
Ilaiyaraja's Sethu does not have the grandeur of Hey Ram, but one tune stands out for what it strives to convey -- a certain poignancy that comes with love and longing    More

Okay tunes for K Balachander's banner  New
Deva's songs in Appu are not too bad, but given the number of tunes he lifts, people will soon start looking for sources of his "inspiration" even when he makes original tunes!    More

Honour for the serene music man  Just feted
N V Gopinath, the sitarist with the gentle touch, uses temple analogies to explain musical concepts. An intimate portrait    More

More TV channels, more music  New
In just one month, three new channels have entered Kannada households. Three more are ready to go on air. You can eat, drink and sleep music, but do the channels have it in them to look beyond film songs?   More

The two-movie sheen's gone  New
If you've liked Josh and Jung, be prepared for some disappointment. Anu Malik gives you a weak score in this "romantic thriller" starring Bobby and Karishma   More

A second piggyback ride
Bally Sagoo has perfected the craft of taking someone else's tune and making it sound 'hip'. Bollywood Flashback 2 gives you his version of songs like Noorie and Aaj phir jeene ka tamanna hai   More

Jazz with an Indian flavour
Shakti, with Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram and John MacLaughlin, pioneered a blend of Indian rhythms and jazz melody. Remember Shakti, in two volumes, presents them live    More

Duets from a young Yesudas
Golden Hour features songs Yesudas sang for Tamil films between 1964 and 1982. You find representative songs from two decades of this prolific singer's career   More

Kishen Kumar still not free
A Delhi court rules that Kishen Kumar, T Series boss, can't be given bail. Police first went after him in the matchfixing case; now the Enforcement Directorate is investigating his alleged violation of foreign exchange rules   More

Recreating the magic of old jazz in Europe
A seven-member band from the Netherlands, with a long performing tradition, concentrates on happy, fast-paced stuff   More

Chinese 'chakkars'
In Take Out Chinese musicians play folk songs of their country with an orchestra of modern keyboards and drums   More

A German group's jaunt in the East   New
Modern Talking sprinkle the 'Orient' all over their lyrics and music in their new album Year of the Orient   More

A musical, and an opportunity missed
Deva lets go an opportunity to make lasting tunes in Mugavaree, a movie about a music composer    More

Blues, greens, yellows ... the ghazal's many hues
Kaash, Hariharan's first ghazal album in years, binds Afro-American beats to Urdu poetry. Ignore the offputting video and you can listen to at least three fine numbers    More

Movie about a living terror
Veerappan kills without qualms. Ramgopal Varma's Jungle is about the rescue of a kidnapped Urmila from this poacher's grip. Going by Sandeep Chowta's music, it's a trendy adventure movie   More

Nostalgia with S Janaki
The Living Legend features 10 songs from the rich repertoire of S Janaki, Kannada cinema's favourite playback singer for over four decades   More

It's the Small B making a big splash
Two star kids launch their careers with J P Dutta's lavishly mounted Refugee. And Anu Malik spoils a mellow score by overusing the chorus and the violin ensemble    More

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Some recent stories   Interview

Balamuralikrishna stumbled upon a notebook and found Swathi Thirunal Kritis

Shah Rukh Khan makes an atonal singing debut in Josh

Euphoria try to recreate the magic of Dhoom Pichuk in Phir Dhoom

Ravichandran makes violin-rich music in O Nanna Nalle

A tribute to Willis Canover, Voice of America's passionate jazz broadcaster

Rahman comes up with slow music in Alai Payuthe

Trance is a child of modern technolgy and our fetish for speed

Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any previous Rahman score

It's a symphony orchestra playing the background score in Kamala Hasan's Hey Ram

Jasraj and Hariprasad Chaurasia say 'Happy Millennium' to Khajuraho

  Playback man's private trip

Srinivas, south Indian cinema's popular new voice, chucked a lucrative career in dyestuffs to pursue music. He has just released his first private album, with his own words and music. 'I'm a mad fan of Ilaiyaraja,' says he in an exclusive interview, 'but working with him is difficult'


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