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17 Aug 2001
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Witty words for Upendra-Prabhudeva starrer   Review
H2O is a colourful album, music composer Sadhu Kokila's best yet, where actor Upendra pits his singing talents against Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan  More

From la-la-la to the right words   Letters

Dying to know the words of your favourite Hindi songs but don't know where to look? You'll find this exchange of letters useful  More A memorial for Kannadasan   News
The 'king of poets' who wrote 5,000 Tamil film songs -- many considered classics -- gets a memorial in his village  More

Sibling revelry with three bhakti poets   Review

Hridaynath Mangeshkar and his star sister Lata come together for a bhajan album that packs in Meera, Soordas and Kabir  More

How a coffee shop made music   Art

Matthew Martin's web presentation on IO, an intimate music space in Detroit, shows a quiet elegance  More

An ustad, his sons and a cause   Tour

Amjad Ali Khan performs in five US cities in July and August  More

Musicals specialist is dead   Obit

K V Mahadevan, music director of such Telugu hits as Shankarabharanam and Siri Siri Muvva, dies at 83  More

Ten students, and what they're listening to    Random survey

TV, siblings and parents influence music purchases. And it looks like at least some young people have old tunes playing in their heads  More

A small but powerful package    Review

Much of the material on the new Times Music jazz release Thelonious Monk: 1963 in Japan is very good, but some is of poor recording quality More

A monarch under question    Poll on June 24

Two contenders challenge the 18-year reign of T T Vasu over the Madras Music Academy, and Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetty, the silk samrat, hopes to be elected to another post in recognition of his munificence More

Ayyo ayyo I don't like it   Review

Really, have Deva's brains gone for a walk? He's merrily plagiarising in the Ajith-Meena starrer Citizen, forgetting that quite a few people can catch him out in this age of Napster and music television  More

Guess who came third?   Report

Sales figures for 2000 show Kaho Na Pyar Hai and Mohabattein in the first and second positions. The third bestseller is a surprise  More

Eureka! It's 22 srutis   Interview

An excited Dr K Varadarangan talks about his 'tryst with truth' that could help settle an ancient debate about the octave, and validate the greatness of ancient Indian musicology  More

Tanjavur Sankara Iyer now in print   Feature

A living composer, sung on the concert stage by several greats over the last few decades, finally gets published  More

Tunes for another rising son   Album review

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai features 'Jumping Jack' Jeetendra's son Tusshar Kapoor, and some lukewarm Anu Malik  More

A drab adaab   Album review

Adaab Nusrat Saab, meant as a salute to the genius of the sufi master, comes across as a thoughtlessly orchestrated project  More

'Vani Jairam lost here'   Reader mail

The southern singer was never in Lata's league, so where's the question of politics, asks UVW Krish  More

Ramesh is the ill-starred hero in 'Shaapa' A 'track singer' blooms   Album review

Hemant Kumar, who began life as a stand-in singer, sings four out of five songs in Shaapa, directed by American-trained Ashok Patil and just selected for an award  More

How Rasiya turned lascivious   Book review

Cassette Culture takes a definitive, sharp look at the changes cassettes have wrought on the north Indian music scene. Peter Manuel's style is thorough, lively and totally jargon-free  More

Second prize, maybe   Review

Yaadein has some predictable music, and makes a far less flamboyant statement for Anu Malik than Aks  More

Hamilton at his best   Review

Hamilton's saxophone, soft, smooth and persuasive, puts his own signature on Jazz Signatures, a tribute to the elders of jazz  More

The Punjabification of Usha Uthup   Review

Shai Ra Re comes from Jawahar Wattal, who made some of Daler Mehndi's early tunes, and the only consolation is that Usha Uthup's voice is still 24-carat gold  More

A gurukulam in digital times   Feature

T N Seshagopalan has embarked on a project that's so special it could well be the only one of its kind in the new millennium  More

Nandita Das in 'Aks'A stranger in Anu Malik's mirror   Review
Never before has Anu Malik produced such intense musicality with such felicity of expression. Aks proclaims a composer in full creative form  More

'Some teach you what not to play'   Exclusive!
Ulhas Bapat has invented a new way of playing the santoor, worked with R D Burman, and just released a theme album named 'Desire'  More

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