Ganjam's 1999 'Flights of Fantasy' music festival brought together young and celebrity musicians
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23 February 2000

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Unforgettable tunes, forgettable rendering  New
This is Lata in concert. Unforgettable Lata presents old favourites like Ajare paradesi and Naina barse, and more recent numbers from Lekin, Maachis and Rudali    More

The ultimate challenge to leaden feet   New
Why is Count Basie considered the greatest swinger? Just hear him in This is Jazz and you'll know    More

From Hawaii to Hindustan  New
Meet Kamala Shankar, the first and probably the only Indian woman to get a doctorate for playing Hindustani music on the guitar    More

John Lennon's piano for sale  New
Beatles mania continues, with Lennon's pop memorabilia coming up for an online auction    More

Life is elsewhere   New
Jaan is mostly bejaan. Sonu Nigam's new pop album doesn't help you escape from the run of the mill. If you're looking for something that'll relieve you of the Mumbai music assembly ennui then this is not for you    More

Selections from a classic singer-pianist   New
In Ultimate Shirley Horn, her singing and piano make a deliberately strong statement about syncopation as an attribute of classic jazz    More

Vilayat Khan turns down Padma Vibhushan
The ustad declines India's second highest award, saying it is belated and therefore "an insult"    More

Kerala's own voice
The history of Malayalam cinema is closely linked with the career of K J Yesudas, who just turned 60. An ardent admirer, who hopes to be serenaded by him some day, profiles her 30,000-song idol    More

Piano and voice perfectly matched
Diana Krall may not improvise much, but she is still a great jazz singer and pianist, as When I Look Into Your Eyes shows    More

Another music man lays down the baton   Obit
T G Lingappa, the composer who gave south Indian cinema some of its most beautiful tunes, is dead    More

Make your music flow   New
A Chennai company says you can use Liquid Audio to take your music worldwide   More

Alla Rakha is dead
The tabla maestro collapses, unable to bear the shock of his daughter's death   More

Raja rules again
Ilaiyaraja's score for Hey Ram brings back the haunting beauty, grandeur and allusiveness of his best work. Kamala Hasan's landmark film is a landmark for the music composer too   More

Namaskara to an Agra gharana master  Special feature
Pandit Ramarao Naik, disciple of Ustad Faiyaz Khan and recepient of India's most coveted music awards, lived a simple, almost obscure life. Star vocalists from four gharanas salute the musicians' musician, who died a year ago, with a series of concerts    More

Plenty to come in the 21st century  Special feature
Jazz in the new century will thrive not just in the US, but in Britain, India and, believe it or not, Azerbaijan. A look at brilliant young artistes who are carrying the torch forward    More

V Manohar returns as director  New
Kannada filmdom's popular music composer sings in Indradhanush, his second film as director. All said and done, the album is no patch on his score for Janumada Jodi    More

The fire spreads to Europe  New
Antaragni, a talented youth band, is making music that is funky and full of feeling. It fuses Karnatak music with Bob Dylan-style melodies, and recently wowed a European audience   More

Poor chap, Prabhudeva
Ezheyin Sirippu is a movie about a poor man. Deva's music isn't stunningly rich either    More

The place for gracious reviews
They are special who not only appreciate the nuances of music but also interpret and articulate them for others. It is to this category that The Music Magazine belongs, writes Srinath    More

Bhaaskara is looking for people
A school run by the Dhananjayans offers a fulltime course that includes Karnatak music, both vocal and instrumental. The celebrity dance couple run a gurukula in Kerala    More

Great even without the roar of a lion
True to its title, this album features Duke Ellington's best work, including a piece where he hijacked a "sweet" swing band into jazz   More

Ustad Vilayat Khan's southern passion   Exclusive
The legendary sitarist, on a rare visit to Bangalore, spoke about his passions, mainly southern classical music, and about fusion, which he finds hateful    More

Bridging memories of S D Burman
A bridge in eastern India has just been completed and named after music composer Sachin Dev Burman    More

Not just heart but plenty of foot-tapping stuff
Regina Carter is a rare female jazz instrumentalist. She plays wonderful, syncopated violin in Rhythms of the Heart   More

A chat with Ustad Alla Rakha
The tabla maestro has just received the Karnataka government's Chowdaiah Award. In a freewheeling conversation, he speaks about life, concert culture and Woodstock    More

Juhi and Shah Rukh in 'Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani' Patriotism in the age of Pepsi
In Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Aziz Mirza takes a satirical look at what it now means to be an Indian. Jatin-Lalit come up with ice-cream tunes, light and fluffy!    More

Brilliant, faultless trumpet
Blowing My Trumpet, a collection of 18 excellent jazz numbers, features stars like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis with lesser known trumpeters like Red Rodney    More

A place to sell music books online
An online store, set up exclusively to sell music books, is looking for submissions    More

When the master returned from Mauritius
Geethakrishna, director of Time, flew Ilaiyaraja to that emerald isle, and the composer returned with 30 new tunes on his lips. His score does not disappoint, but some voices lack expression    More

Raga Vagadeeshwari in another continent
Chitravina Ravikiran played the rare raga Vagadeeshwari, and the popular Sunadavinodini, at a concert in Australia. Its recording is now out in Horizons    More

A love story inspired by the Taj
Veteran director Bharati Raja introduces son Manoj in Taj Mahal. A R Rahman draws on African music, and Manoj also gets to make a sunny debut as a singer    More

Happy millennium, Khajuraho!
Jasraj and Hariprasad Chaurasia perform specially composed music to mark 1,000 years of Khajuraho. Live Inside Kajuraho is a two-volume compilation    More

Say hello to the cello
Hello, the latest Prashanth starrer, offers a snazzy violin and cello number in raga Puriya Dhanasri    More

Simple treat from a hit team
There's a simple beauty in the songs of Mudhalvan, a movie from the same team that gave you Gentleman   

United we stand, united we sing
Hum Saath Saath Hain comes from the Hum Aapke Hain Koun team. 'Family values' reign not only on screen but in the songs as well   More

On the review pages   Books

Govind Nihalani ventures into the masala market with Thakshak

Dream girl meets real boy in Mast

Udit Narayan sings for the Kannada hero Upendra

A family ventures into Indipop with Savariya

A unique concert series from Kumar Gandharva in Parivar Parampara

Kannada superstar Rajkumar comes back after six years with Shabdavedhi

Rap, rock and Abhijeet come together in Baadshah

Nayi Disha sets to music poetry from the PM's pen

Nine Nights is a compilation of 'correctly rendered' classical compositions

First step to infinity

Perfecting Carnatic Music lays the foundation for a sound grasp of an ancient art. Book 1, just released, gives notations for basic exercises, gitams and swarajatis


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