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17 Aug 2001
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New awards from a Kolkata trust   News
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Ustad Bismillah Khan receive awards from another legend, Ustad Vilayat Khan  More

The agony and ecstasy of reviving a bhavageete treasure   First person
A determined music label has rescued from dust and fungus 32-year-old Kannada recordings of greats like Kalinga Rao, Ananthaswamy and Ashwath. The wildy enthusiastic listener response is making Velu of Lahari Recording euphoric  More

Deep Purple and deeper memories   India visit
The pioneering band is coming to Bangalore on April 1. C K Meena digs out the city's old love affair with rock, and wonders why the IIMs and the IITs were smitten by flower power and rock  More

Teach me mommy one more time   Book news
Faced with stiff competition from other teen singers like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears embarks on a novel, and could end up looking like a pop sensation who also thinks and writes books More

Sukhbir may do a song on Defencegate   News
Sukhbir says he may do a bhangra-rap song on the defence bribe scandal that is shaking the Indian government More

Gandhi and pop peace   Event
Ahimsa is a high novelty album with lyrics in Sanskrit, Latin and English, but it gives Yesudas no opportunity to sing what he is good at More

Softer please, we can hear you!   Event
Amaan and Ayaan blast away at a concert with the southern mandolin player U Rajesh, unmindful of people in the hall holding their heads in dismay More

A Chiru album out of Africa  Review
The Chiranjeevi-starrer Mrugaraju is rich in production values, as are its songs, but then who said lavishness is all?  More

Sanjay uvacha (or what Sanjaya said)  Interview
Sanjay Subrahmanyan, who ranks among the star young performers on the southern concert stage, airs his views on gurus, critics and websites More

A stream come true  Feature
A virtual school run by two young singers streams lessons in Karnatak music, and helps students interface with great gurus  More

The various shapes of clay  Review
Creed have won a bevy of awards, the latest being the Billboard 2000 honour for best rock group. Human Clay is their third album  More

Vasundhara Das: relives the 'Meri Jaan' excitement A cool guy, an artist and a freedom jam  Special
For Meri Jaan, Vasundhara Das worked with Pravin Mani and Piyush Mishra, who were so different they could have killed each other! The inside story    More

Big writers on a neat film album  Review
Mathadana, based on a Kannada novel by Dr S L Bhyrappa, has music by C Ashwath and V Manohar, and boasts the poetry of literary icons like Gopalakrishna Adiga and Siddalingaiah    More

Life, love and wit of a free spirit called Nigey  Exclusive
Nigey Lennon, secret lover of rock 'n' roll legend Frank Zappa, has completed her dream album Reinventing the Wheel. Lionel Rolfe, her husband for 25 years, writes an intimate account of her art    More

The remembered village   Review
Yesudas's new album Sitaron Mein Tu Hi harks back to his glory days when Gori tera gaon bada pyara was a blockbuster musical hit    More

D K Pattammal: living legend Two legends on a wonderful concert recording  Review
A just-released compilation brings you the first ever concert where mridangist Palghat Mani Iyer accompanied a woman vocalist. D K Pattammal sings a rich variety of Thyagaraja compositions with consummate artistry    More

Early A R Rahman in a new film  Review
Love You Hamesha is a surprise album, with Hindi words pasted on to tunes taken from a Tamil film    More

Cousteau: eco-friendly new age icon An undersea dream and a flamenco picnic  Review
Abhay Gopaldass Adhikari, a 19-year-old reader from Delhi, writes about two new age albums. "Some of the finest music in the market today," he says of the label Real Music   More

And the winner is...  Feature
Here's the complete Grammy Award winners' list in 100 categories. A reading of Harry Potter, and sleeve notes for a jazz album are among the less-hyped winners    More

The untold story of 'Bombro bombro'  Feature
What is the source of the Hrithik-Preity hit song from Mission Kashmir? A Kashmiri pandit says the original was written for a 1953 opera    More

The sa-re-ga-ma of marketing  Feature
Saregama, HMV's new avatar, has many new ideas and surprises in store. An interview with Chandrika Raman, who manages these new initiatives    More

Love them back to sound health  Feature
The art of instrument repair involves breathing new life into veenas, mridangams and harmoniums made precious by old memories. Meet some masters    More Listen to the Dude, he'll do you good: Links to Oyeindia's music section

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