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28 May 2000

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A musical, and an opportunity missed  New
Deva lets go an opportunity to make lasting tunes in Mugavaree, a movie about a music composer    More

Blues, greens, yellows ... the ghazal's many hues   
Kaash, Hariharan's first ghazal album in years, binds Afro-American beats to Urdu poetry. Ignore the offputting video and you can listen to at least three fine numbers    More

Poet of many seasons is dead  Obit
He wrote with equal ease melancholic numbers like Jab dil hi toot gaya and cheerful numbers like Papa kehte hain. Majrooh Sultanpuri, Hindi cinema's versatile lyricist, is dead. His 8,000 songs will ensure that he lives long   More

Still on the front foot
The matchfixing scandal may have devastated the cricket fan, but P M Vijendra Rao, a journalist who has recorded five songs to cheer the Indian team on, says the game is a religion very hard to get out of   More

Movie about a living terror   New
Veerappan kills without qualms. Ramgopal Varma's Jungle is about the rescue of a kidnapped Urmila from this poacher's grip. Going by Sandeep Chowta's music, it's a trendy adventure movie   More

The true voice of America and jazz   New
Willis Conover, VOA's jazz presenter, died four years ago on May 17. A special tribute to the man who presented jazz with so much passion that he became a cult figure himself   More

Something from the Kerala king's treasure   
Balamurali stumbled upon an old notebook, and the outcome is Swathi Thirunal Krithis. The album presents five compositions, one of them a forgotten and now carefully pieced together tillana    More

Nostalgia with S Janaki
The Living Legend features 10 songs from the rich repertoire of S Janaki, Kannada cinema's favourite playback singer for over four decades   More

Dance, trance and remixes
Trance is a child of modern technology and our fetish for speed. Remixes are unoriginal revivals. A look at today's dance music    More

Woh ta-da-ri-na kya re?
Karnatak music and Hindustani music share the same principles, yet many music lovers who enjoy one can't enjoy the other. A booklet turns the searchlight on the gulf between the two streams    More

It's the Small B making a big splash
Two star kids launch their careers with J P Dutta's lavishly mounted Refugee. And Anu Malik spoils a mellow score by overusing the chorus and the violin ensemble    More

Poor little rich boy's new album
Ravichandran's new Kannada film album O Nanna Nalle is violin-rich, reminding you of '80s Ilaiyaraja. But is lavishness all?    More

Kritis for good health?
A Madras organisation prescribes Muthuswamy Dikshitar's compositions for physical and spiritual illnesses    More

Traditional songs on Krishna   Short reviews
Sowmya sings nine Tamil songs to the accompaniment of a veena-and-violin orchestra that's got an oldtime radio feel    More

A teenage singer and a veteran composer
Ritika brings to you a teenage singer of the same name, and the music of Vanraj Bhatia, Shyam Benegal's favourite composer    More

Classical overtones, familiar orchestra
A R Rahman's score for Rajeev Menon's Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any of his previous scores, but his orchestra is still much the same    More

Do you compose music?
Then this request from a London company may interest you    More

Saregama gets new voices
Amaan and Ayaan, barely 20, step into the shoes of Sonu Nigam to host the popular music show TVS Saregama    More

From humble birth to almost spoilt adolescence
What shaped jazz in the crucial '20s? How did it become the artistic rebel that we know it as today?   More

After Amir's Ati kya Khandala, it's Shah Rukh's turn
In Josh, Shah Rukh Khan makes a charming, atonal singing debut with a song that blends gangsta rap with folk beats. Suresh Peters, who took the express train to fame with Chukubuku chukubuku raile, also adds to this album's smart appeal    More

Excellent selection from a master's great works
Thanks to its Columbia connection, Sony mines a rich deposit for its Duke Ellington compilation    More

Words that swim madly in your head
Fatboy Slim's You've Come a Long Way Baby is true to its acid rock lineage, full of explicit words and psychedelic music    More

Phir dhoom, phir pichuk?
In Phir Dhoom, Euphoria, the 'Hindrock' band from Calcutta, tries to recreate the magic of Dhoom Pichuk More

When the two Indias talk sex
Split Wide Open, English August director Dev Benegal's new film, is about "the need to talk". The album features some pop and some rock More

Writing well about music
Dr U R Anantha Murthy, Jnanpith award winner and one of India's tallest writers, finds The Music Magazine a great read   More

Waves within the heart
In Mani Ratnam's latest film, Alai Payuthe, Rahman comes up with some slow and thoroughly enjoyable music    More

The language of meditation   New
Silence, space, Borges, and vibrant voices coalesce in The Screen Behind the Mirror, Enigma's compelling album More

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Some recent stories   Essay

Ganesh is a slickly packaged modak with little native flavour

Dr K Varadarangan offers free software for music researchers to determine relative tonal frequencies

Ramesh Shottam, the gentle drummer from Germany, is glad techno is waning

P Lankesh wrote a song on horseracing for Deveeri

Jazz in the 21st century will thrive in the US, India and Azerbaijan

Yesudas is feted as he turns 60

It's a symphony orchestra playing the background score in Kamala Hasan's Hey Ram

Pandit Ramarao Nayak, the 'musician's musician', was remembered by masters from four gharanas

V Manohar returns as director in Indradhanush

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani takes a satirical look at what it means to be Indian today

Jasraj and Hariprasad Chaurasia say 'Happy Millennium' to Khajuraho

  The unreal

Vishnuvardhan in the Kannada musical 'Malayamarutha'

South Indian cinema shows classical musicians in a false light, making them out to be more virtuous than they can ever be in real life. And why must popular music flog itself guiltily when it comes face to face with classical music? A study of Malayamaruta, Sankarabharanam, Kadalan ...


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