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Opera, musical, masala movie   Letters
An extended discussion on opera, the Broadway/West End musical, and the Hindi film, and the tunes that make them tick  More

Notes on a standard setter   Profile
As Bob Dylan turns 60, it's time to salute a singer who wrote protest poems, shaped rock 'n' roll, and almost got the Nobel prize  More

When love rages like a river   US release on May 25
Ashok Patil traces his journey from Hollywood to Bangalore and talks about Shaapa, his debut 'musical' and a love story that gets entangled with the Cauvery river dispute  More

Asha does a Kishore   News
The prima donna of playback singing is now a music composer More

Classic Afro-Cuban jazz   Review
Poncho Sanchez, an American of Mexican origin who grew up in California, plays rhythm-rich Afro-Cuban jazz rather than the usual pop music that Hispanics get attracted to  More

Listener's list   Feature
A music lover has put together an impressive database of classical compositions, giving details about their ragas, talas, words and composers  More

Nom-tom on the bamboo reed   Review
Divine Dhrupad is a pioneering effort by Hariprasad Chaurasia to play dhrupad on the flute. The ancient form is almost always sung, or played on the vina  More

Tuned to a secret 'inspiration'   Letter
Nadeem claims he is doing great work in his second innings, but is he quietly helping himself to other composers' tunes?  More

New face Deepali in Nagathihalli's latest film Six tracks from the California Kannadiga   News
Nanna Preethiya Hudugi is a love story set on an American campus. Anuradha Paudwal slips up on her enunciation, B Jayasree and Suresh Peters shine, and Ramprasad makes a comeback  More

Daler's trouble with words   News
Daler Mehndi's new album has run into trouble with an Islamic group, and he is changing the words of the title song  More

All-rounder's offering   Review
Anjali Geetanjali comes from S Narayan, the Kannada dialogue, script and song writer who has now turned hero  More

More for the word hunter   Browser mail
B N Latha directs people looking for Hindi lyrics to a useful site  More

Tagore rocks?   News feature
A Bangladeshi rock singer has stirred a hornet's nest by fusing rock and jazz on to a Tagore song  More

Songs like yesterday's   Review
Anu Malik is attempting understated stuff these days. The kid film Rahul has the kind of melody you don't normally associate with today's blockbusters  More

Adnan Sami, Asha Bhonsle and who?   Review
Barse Badal features the Kabhi To Nazar Milao team of Adnan Sami and Asha Bhonsle, and some nameless voices  More

Rocking softly in the rain   Concert review
Bryan Adams got the 35,000-strong Bangalore crowd squealing with his very first song, and continued an hour longer than planned  More

Ilaiyaraja records for Yuvan   Review
Ilaiyaraja sings for son Yuvan Shankar Raja in Nanda, a film from the director of the hit film Sethu  More

So near yet so duur   Review
Duur is a rock-inspired album from a two-member Pakistani band called Strings, which returns after a eight-year break  More

It's today's music. Period!   Review
If you are sated by the digitally enhanced and blinding splashes of modern-day music, and are looking for some musical sepia, Lagaan may not be the album for you  More

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Munnudi is a sensitive story from the Kannada coast

  'We looked for
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It took 10 years to complete. Vijay of Sri Aurobindo Society, who co-ordinated the 20-CD introduction to Indian music, tells you the inside story of Alaap, the most comprehensive such effort to date


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