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Power from the maestro  New
Milestone brings Symphony 2 and 5 from Beethoven, conducted by the legendary Béla Drahos with Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia. A treat for those who prefer complete orchestral works to snippets    New

Lucky Ali: singing straight Line art in pop singing  New
Not all of Lucky Ali's tunes in Aks are memorable, but he brings a welcome minimalist tradition to Indipop    New

Ravikiran: elated A proud day for Indian music  New
Chitravina Ravikiran's collaboration with the BBC Philharmonic, a milestone in fusion, is adjudged the best among 2000 Millennium Festival events in the UK    New

An incongruous medley from Rahman's drum programmer  New
Danceability is a quality that remix albums force even on songs that were never meant to be danced to, you discover in Pravin Mani's Tehalka    New

Lively guitars, lively jazz  New
Great Guitars is a meeting of three outstanding guitarists    New

What's DTS all about?  Special feature
Cinema theatres the world over are dancing to its tunes. DTS creates sound that sweeps across six speakers to give you the movement of galloping horses, flying gunshots and marauding dinosaurs    New

A R Rahman's taking away everybody's jobs  Letters
The box office wizard, by making music for movies like Benegal's Zubeidaa, is encroaching on the very tiny space that talented art-film composers like Vanraj Bhatia used to survive in, writes Ashok Dhareshwar    More

The hard bop legend revels with his followers  New
Art Blakey, drummer and hard bop legend, plays with the Jazz Messengers in New York Scene, an album released by Concorde. The label is now distributing jazz in India   More

Abhijeet's first private album is a jeet  New
The Ole ole man's new album showcases his soft, precision singing. There are some nostalgic, sepia-tinted tunes, and the album on the whole is an easy listening experience   More

Multi-layering raga music   Exclusive interview
Raga artistes like Aruna Sayeeram and Shubha Mudgal singing together and creating multiple layers? Can raga music be sung as in a choir? Why not, says Aneesh Pradhan, Mumbai's star tabla player    More

Zubeida's from a quieter age   New
A R Rahman puts away his drum kit for Shyam Benegal's Zubeidaa, but the period film can't drag him away from his Bombay and Pukar orchestral style    More

A musical dilemma in Los Angeles   New
Lionel Rolfe, music critic, says the inclusion of rock in the Helsinki festival underscored his opinion about its director's inferior understanding of classical music, and this opinion developed into a dilemma    More

Hero sings again   New
In the Vijay-Simran starrer Priyamanavale, S A Rajkumar rises above his earlier scores, and Vijay sings again    More

A promise kept   New
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Gulzar collaborate on Vaada, a quiet album that defies a bazaar thriving on skimpy clothes and skimpier music   More

The track not taken   Special feature
Track singers are the muted voice of the music industry. They toil to perfect a tune, only to have their voice replaced by a star singer's. Few succeed in catching Dame Luck   More

Love in the time of hollering   New
The music of Mohabbatein, the Diwali release starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, is so cliched you'll want to holler the tunes along to prove that you've heard them all before   More

A composer signs off proudly, and in pain  New
Nagendra of the Rajan-Nagendra team, which gave Kannada cinema some of its happiest tunes, dies in misery, stubbornly independent, and a near pauper   More

Grace under pressure  New
Ulhas Bapat tries to make the santoor yeild the glides and graces so central to Indian music. Colours of Romance is the name of his new tape, and it features ragas Bhoopali and Jaijaivanti   More

This Tenali is no Bruce Lee  New
Kamala Hassan plays a timid idiot in a film named after Krishnadevaraya's famous jester. A R Rahman's quickie score is unlikely to leave even his diehard fans happy   More

Finding peace after troubled exploration   New
Routes reverses the academic debate about how the West looks at India, and asks the question, 'How does India look at the West?' It translates stories from four south Indian languages, and one remarkable story explores deep classical music experience    More

Still wanna hold their hands   Special
A steadfast fan replays The Beatles in her mind, and describes how the band had swept her, then an adolescent, tempestuously off her feet    More

Time in the life of Vijay Raghav Rao   New
Flutist, choreographer, composer of innovative music for countless Films Division offerings, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao is a versatile genius. An admirer paints his life in a series of word-images    More

'Mode of transport is beside the point'   New
Another response to the controversy over how three musicians of Remo's band were treated after their fatal accident    More

Grateful for a piece of virtual apple pie   New
John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead songwriter-turned-Net activist, isn't entirely free from capitalistic cynicism    More

Guided tour into a fabulous world   
Alaap, Times Music and Aurobindo Society's 20 CD-project, can introduce the uninitiated and the hesitant into the emotionally nurturing world of Indian classical music    More

Teen love from the Maachis man   New
Gulzar, director of mature, sensitive films like Mausam and Maachis, now writes a teenage romance for tape and CD. Er ... what's he doing here?   More

Feminism and 'ethnic chic'  New
Haule Haule, which Ila Arun calls a 'folk-pop' album, rubbishes "gutter-pitter Englis", yet she seems to belong too easily in the world of "ethnic chic"    More

Hemavati with heart  New
Bombay Jayashri sings a detailed, deeply felt raga Hemavati in an album of Dikshitar gems    More

Shubha Mudgal Can you hear the song within her heart?
Man ke Manjeere, featuring Shubha Mudgal, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Diwaliben, Rukmabai and Antara Chowdhury, is about the chimes within women's hearts, and the anxiety to ensure that they are not muted    More

'Can you peel away nakedness?'
In Scribbles on Akka, Ilaiyaraja snatches Akka Mahadevi away from classical musicians, and attempts to give her blazing genius to a pop generation    More

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Patelscope is a romp with Hindi take-offs on Aqua, Vengaboys and Ricky Martin

Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya shows Ismail Darbar's flair for orchestral colour

Jam Session tells you what this thing called jazz is

Marc Antony brings a ghazal-like pessimism to Latin

Addicted to heroin, the brilliant sax player Charlie Parker died at 35

Actor Prashanth sings awfully in Parthen Rasithen

Ghaath shows Anu Malik in reasonable form

Hariharan's Kaash gives you at least three lovely numbers

Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any previous Rahman score

  'We looked for
great music'

It took 10 years to complete. Vijay of Sri Aurobindo Society, who co-ordinated the 20-CD introduction to Indian music, tells you the inside story of Alaap, the most comprehensive such effort to date


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