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'Mode of transport is beside the point'   New
Another response to the controversy over the how three musicians of Remo's band were treated after their fatal accident    More

Mamma mia! Here they come again   New
Abba, the sensational pop group of the '70s, come together, but only for a brief while. The girls have turned reclusive, says the man who has just released their biography    More

Guided tour into a fabulous world   Deepavali special!
Alaap, Times Music and Aurobindo Society's 20 CD-project, can introduce the uninitiated and the hesitant into the emotionally nurturing world of Indian classical music    More

Grateful for a piece of virtual apple pie   New
John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead songwriter-turned-Net activist, was in Bangalore on October 23, and his talk wasn't entirely free from capitalistic cynicism    More

African touch in a lively collection   New
Afroblue shows a renewed interaction between contemporary African music and jazz    More

Festival of luminous music   Oct 20, 21
Barsi, the first ever dhrupad festival in the south, brings that ancient style, named after the luminous evening star, to Bangalore    More

Hopes of Rajkumar's release recede   New
The Supreme Court refuses to allow the barter of Veerappan's associates for the kidnapped actor, and treats the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka governments to more tongue lashing    More

Teen love from the Maachis man   New
Gulzar, director of mature, sensitive films like Mausam and Maachis, now writes a teenage romance for tape and CD. Er ... what's he doing here?   More

Still wanna hold their hands   Special
A steadfast fan replays The Beatles in her mind, and describes how the band had swept her, then an adolescent, tempestuously off her feet    More

'Indifference breeds everywhere'   Reader response
Is Remo getting unduly upset? And doesn't the incident throw up questions about the status of accompanying artistes?    More
More discussion mail

'Brilliant doctorates don't make good people'    Remo's mail
Three members of Remo Fernandes's band died in a road accident, a few hours after they had performed at IIT, Kanpur. The nightmare was compounded by what the Humma humma singer calls the acting director's hypocritical offer of condolences   More

Lata for you on B4U   New
A new music channel gets Lata Mangeshkar on its board of advisors, and gives Channel V and MTV the shivers   More

Who pays the piper?   Special
No auspicious ceremony is complete without it, yet the great art of nagaswaram playing is slowly fading. An extensive study of how the masters live, and why their children are reluctant to continue their invaluable legacy    More

Phir bhi dil hai Englistani   New
Dard E Dil is the debut album of rock and jingle singer Pervez. He sings of pain, and you may be pained at his amnesia of his Indian roots    More

Classic collection from a great label   New
Blue Note, the speciality jazz label that celebrated its diamond jubilee last year, gives you two tapes of excellent numbers    More

Tired score for an action remake   New
Aaghaz, starring Sunil Shetty and Namrata Shirodkar, comes from Andhra. Doc might well advise Anu Malik some time off    More

Ghazals you can rock to   New
Pankaj Udhas's Janeman is an example of the stately ghazal moving towards a rhythm-heavy style that thrives on the distortion guitar    More

Feminism and 'ethnic chic'  New
Haule Haule, which Ila Arun calls a 'folk-pop' album, rubbishes "gutter-pitter Englis", yet she seems to belong too easily in the world of "ethnic chic"    More

Hemavati with heart  New
Bombay Jayashri sings a detailed, deeply felt raga Hemavati in an album of Dikshitar gems    More

Eighty minutes of sheer delight in Paris   New
Live in Paris shows John Mc Laughlin, many-sided genius and pioneer of jazz fusion, playing inspired music with various artistes    More

Geetmala may return soon   New
Ameen Sayani is working on reviving Binaca Geetmala, the most popular countdown programme in Indian radio history    More

Shubha Mudgal Can you hear the song within her heart?
Man ke Manjeere, featuring Shubha Mudgal, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Diwaliben, Rukmabai and Antara Chowdhury, is about the chimes within women's hearts, and the anxiety to ensure that they are not muted    More

Belling the copy cats
Mumbai film producers plan to deny work to singers who casually take popular tunes and record their own cover versions    More

'Can you peel away nakedness?'
In Scribbles on Akka, Ilaiyaraja snatches Akka Mahadevi away from classical musicians, and attempts to give her blazing genius to a pop generation    More

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Some recent stories   Interview

Patelscope is a romp with Hindi take-offs on Aqua, Vengaboys and Ricky Martin

Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya shows Ismail Darbar's flair for orchestral colour

Jam Session tells you what this thing called jazz is

Marc Antony brings a ghazal-like pessimism to Latin

Addicted to heroin, the brilliant sax player Charlie Parker died at 35

Actor Prashanth sings awfully in Parthen Rasithen

Ghaath shows Anu Malik in reasonable form

Hariharan's Kaash gives you at least three lovely numbers

Kandukondain Kandukondain has more classical overtones than any previous Rahman score

  'We looked for
great music'

It took 10 years to complete. Vijay of Sri Aurobindo Society, who co-ordinated the 20-CD introduction to Indian music, tells you the inside story of Alaap, the most comprehensive such effort to date


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