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26 September 1999

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Replay from the music channels   New!
Kamaal Khan, Suneeta Rao and Lata Mangeshkar co-exist in Indian Smash Hits, an uneven compilation of TV countdown numbers   More

Asha ahaha asha ahaha ...   New!
Asha Bhonsle, featured in HMV Legends, started out singing vamp numbers, graduated to heroine songs, and then grew into Hindi cinema's most versatile voice    More

Harping on pagan magic   New!
In Calman the Dove the harp blends with fiddles and whistles and conjures up magical passages. Celtic folk star Savourna is now on tape    More

'Old as the hills and new as today'   New!
Chitti Babu composed evocative themes, departing boldy from traditional ragas and adapting Western harmony and counterpoint. Sadly, cinema and theatre didn't exploit his brilliant visual imagination    More

The sitar's flower power years
Pandit Ravi Shankar's 1960s concerts are back in a sensitively remastered retrospective    More

Kabir in the time of Kargil   New!
Madhup Mudgal, disciple of Kumar Gandharva, creates new tunes for the mystical songs of Kabir    More

Pump up the beat!
Party time is the best time to play Solid Hits. That's when people want something playing in the background, and don't pay much attention to it   More

Story from a troubled era
Deepa Mehta's 1947 Earth is set in Partition days. Rahman makes some slow tunes, but it isn't quite period music    More

A Jnanpith winner's opus on celluloid
Girish Karnad and B V Karanth, who pioneered experimental Kannada cinema in the 1970s, team up again for a film based on Kuvempu's grand novel Kaanuru Heggadithi    More

Rock and roll with Bach and Vivaldi
It's like singing Kishore Kumar songs in the dhrupad style! Beatles go Baroque gives you a whacky idea of how the cult group would have sounded 300 years ago    More

A woman among the ustads
What's it like to be a woman tabla player? Ask Dr Aban Mistry More

The eclipse throws up stars
Grahan introduces two new stars to Hindi filmdom, southern music director Karthik Raja and model turned actress Anuradha More

Where Niagara rhymes with Viagra
En Swasa Kaatre is a love story. Here murder unites!    More

What after Biwi No 1?
More moralising from the king of family melodrama, David Dhawan, in Haseena Maan Jaayegi    More

A youth group debuts
A Bangalore percussionist group tries out fusion in Punarnava    More

Miles to go the jazz way
Miles Davis tells you how to love jazzily in Love Songs    More

A collection of recent Rajkumar songs
Rajkumar lends his voice to fellow stars in Top 10    More

The many moods of nationalism
Rahman's Vande Mataram is an aggressive departure from its old, prayerful tune    More

Thank you for the music!
Abba, the Swedish quartet, wants a better deal from remixers    More

Your favourite magazine is a hit everywhere!
Hitbox thinks The Music Magazine is 'fantastic'. The Brittanica web guide recommends us. A wonderful e-zine, Shubha Mudgal tells MTV    More

On the review pages   Books

Can 'crazy star' Ravichandran make music? Yes if Sneha, his latest film, is anything to go by

Nenjinile brings tappanguchi and pop together under Deva's baton

Shubha Mudgal's Ab ke Sawan paints a vibrant picture of life, love and the rain

Talat Mahmood's tremolo in the Legends series transports you to an era of courtly love

A double album brings together some of the finest studio recordings in the career of Bhimsen Joshi

Tarzan swings to the music of Phil Collins

A R Rahman's Taal is rich in acoustic percussion. It is flamboyant music, but when will he give us some raag?

Kadalar Dinam means Valentine's Day. And the Net's the medium of love!

Gulzar's poetry in Marasim reflects gentle resignation in the face of crumbling relationships

More reviews

Cut out the music

Music is more than mere entertainment. When its power of dissent scares clergy and governments, they try to stifle it. Smashed Hits breaks the silence on music censorship, and says the market economy's greed is now killing unconventional music


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