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26 Oct 2001

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Who really wrote Tera jadoo chal gaya?   News
A poet from Mumbai says the film industry has been denying him credit for the hit songs he wrote More

Love, violence and renunciation   Review

Asoka is a celluloid spectacle about an emperor who gave up going to war when he realised its horrendous human cost. It stars Shah Rukh and features Anu Malik's music More

A fine collection from Joshi's prime years    Review

Two recordings come from the '60s, and one comes from the '80s, and they make The Malhars a great Bhimsen Joshi compilation More

MIT's free courseware page has music links too   News

The world's premier technology institute throws open all its course material, and generates excitement among those who'd love to learn but can't do fulltime courses More

Well-chosen piano anthology   Review

Jazz Piano comes from a small label in England, and does a good job of bringing together rare music by masters like Duke Elington and Count Basie More

A bus ride we've taken before   Review

Harris Jeyaraj's third film 12B relies heavily on the orchestral arrangements he used in his first two films, Minnale and Majunu More

Sufi music from two Pakistani stars    Review

Mast Qalandar puts together seven separately rendered tracks by Nusrat Fateh Ali and Abida Parveen, both specialists in mystic verse More

Stale tunes, dead orchestra   Review

Ajnabee is overdue by nearly two years, and thanks to Anu Malik's insipid tunes, you'll feel you are reading last year's newspaper More

Bharatiraja's praise for the 'chevalier'   News

A site compiles tributes to Sivaji Ganesan, Sarvajna's Kannada aphorisms are translated into Tamil, and Fardeen Khan acts in a music video More

Monopoly? What monopoly?   Letters

Lata and Asha are noble people and never tried to monopolise the Hindi film industry, says U V W Krish in response to the suggestion that Vani Jairam was eased out of Bombay More

Hip music for a lavish thriller   Review

Shankar Loy Ehsaan make a trendy score for the Kamala Hasan starrer Aalavanthaan, called Abhay in Hindi and boasting an Australian stunt master More

Tansen Samman for Amjad Ali Khan   News

The sarod maestro is named for the prestigious award, and Adnan Sami records a Kannada film number More

A raga in full splendour   Review

Chitravina Ravikiran offers a complex ragam-tanam-pallavi exposition of Latangi, which combines the scales of Kalyani and Karaharapriya More

In praise of Vani Jairam   Reader mail

Vani has a moving voice, and it's ridiculous to defend the Mangeshkars against her, writes Ameen Merchant More

Slow and beautifully nuanced   News

For those who had despaired of ever finding recordings of the master of slow tempo, M D Ramanathan Live comes as a welcome release More

More from the fecund Miles    News

Sorcerer comes from an extraodinarily fertile period when Miles Davis was leading a quintet of future stars More

Lucky Ali composes for Dev Anand    News

The singer of Indiballads graduates to movie music director status with Love at Times Square More

Electric show, damp PR    Review

The Scorpions, like their delirious fans, enjoyed every moment of the Bangalore concert More

An alliance to mine gold    News

HMV and Star Gold launch a joint label to promote vintage Hindi songs More

Longing for a sting    Curtainraiser

The Scorpions perform in Bangalore on August 9, and their Indian fans are hoping rain won't spoil the show More

Conventional score for a period drama    Review

Uttam Singh, of Dil To Pagal Hai fame, makes a conventional score for Gadar and throws in a thumri by two classical stars More

Good jazz from a Japan tour    Review

With just five pieces Thelonious Monk: 1963 in Japan just avoids being disappointingly short More

An art that's overrated    Reader mail

Opera combines sublime music with the worst possible theatre, and has grown at the expense of other art forms like jazz, says Robert Fawkes-Jenkins More

Love and its synonyms    Review

Viju Shah, who made the smash hit song Oye oye, pays more attention to the orchestra than to the tunes in Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat More

Cousins still doing a teen act    Review

Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Lezz return with Aatma, an album that's got fine musicians and great technical values, but that's not enough for a band like this More

Label with a cause    Feature

Vasanth Bhat has quit his journalism job, launched a label, and is working towards an academy in the name of Ganapati Bhat Hasanagi, his father and prime Rajguru disciple More

The band that saved a life   Review

Junoon's Sufi and rock influences produce a youthfully raw sound, the kind you hear on their latest tour album Andaz. A fan says the band saved him from suicide More

End of an era   Obit

Sivaji Ganesan's death marks the end of a generation nurtured by the Dravidian politics of Tamil Nadu. Along with MGR, he ruled the Tamil film industry for several decades More

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