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Manohar is director again

Indradhanush is music composer V Manohar's second film as director. He has also written its story and lyrics. All said and done, its music is no patch on his landmark score for Janumada Jodi

Jhankar Music
Rs 40

V Manohar, one of Kannada filmdom's top composers, made his debut as director with O Mallige. Indradhanush, his second directorial venture, stars Shivarajkumar and is due for release soon.

Its music release drew flak because a group danced in skimpy costumes in the presence of a police commissioner who had banned live bands in Bangalore's restaurants. The high-profile cop had got his men to raid bars and restaurants and arrest singers. The Indradhanush dance, at a private club, gave the press an opportunity to expose the commissioner's double standards and to mock at his 'morality police' attitude. Even a staid paper like Prajavani, not to speak of the tabloids, strongly criticised the policeman's hypocrisy. This is not to suggest that Manohar makes sleazy movies. In fact, he has been hailed as a "clean" film maker who makes family entertainers.

Manohar's high point as a composer was his score for Janumada Jodi, perhaps Shivarajkumar's most memorable film so far. This film, based on the work of a Jnanpith award winner, turned out to be the biggest Kannada hit in recent years. His Karunya needavva became a cult song, proving yet again that an idiom borrowed from the Kannada folk tradition can catch the imagination of filmgoers.

The opening song in the album tries to bank on the folk tradition again, but Kelu kelavva, sung by Rajkumar, does not have the simplicity of the Janumadi Jodi hit. One reason could be that this ballad has a heavy orchestra with quite a bit of synthesized sound. Rajkumar also sings the slow Yaara kanasalla, notable for its striking images, but its violin-ensemble orchestra is unremarkable again.

Anupama of Chandralekha fame sings some stylish graces in Indradhanush, but the title song does not make enough space for her talent.

Namma parpancha, sung by Shivarajkumar, B R Chaya and Baby Ritesh does not distinguish itself either. A good discovery on the album is Manohar's voice. The composer sings Mayaya ya, a light-hearted lament against marriage. Its tenor is strong, and perhaps we will get to hear more of him. Sangeeta Katti sings Chandavo chandavo, characterised by a vigorous beat; it is not, by any standards, an outstanding number.

Amritamati S

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