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A Lata album: she is a compiler's delight
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25 years of Lata

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Fan's Section

lataa: ye dil kuchh aise aap ke sajade me.n jhuk gayaa
kishor: nazare.n uThaa_ii.n aap ne to vaqt ruk gayaa
lataa: Thahare hue palo.n me.n \-2
zamaane bitaaye hai.n

Nice melody from one of the great music directors of Hindi film music. This movie has another equally pleasing Lata-Kishore duet. A "little cheating" is allowed here!

(lataa: baat kahate bane kyaa aadhii raat ko
aashaa: aa.Nkh kholegii baat aadhii raat ko) \-2

One of the best Lata-Asha duets ever IMO. The song has already been given away.

mai.n ek zarra bulandii ko chhuune nikalaa thaa \-3
havaa ne tham ke zamii.n par giraa diyaa mujhako

In the late 80s, Lata teamed up with a famous Ghazal singer for a Ghazal album. It had some nice songs in it and Lata did a creditable job in some of the songs.

gaayak: ye ratajage lambii raato.n ke dil na lage kyaa karuu.N
lataa: ye silsile dil kii baato.n ke jaaduu jale kyaa karuu.N
bikharaa zulfe.n so jaauu.N dil chaahe kahii.n kho jaauu.N

A nice 90s duet by one of the newer music duos. A younger Lata would have cast her spell on this song. The male singer started off as a Kishore clone and is one of the top singers today but has been often castigated on RMIM.

Kvaab kaa haqiiqat me.n nazar aayaa hai
dil me.n dha.Dakan kii tarah koii utar aayaa hai
aaj har saa.Ns me.n shahanaa_ii sii laharaa_ii hai

Nice song by the most popular woman MD in Hindi films who is no "stranger" to music direction.

aaTh ka.Nval dal charakaa Dole \-3

This Sant Kabeer's song is from Lata's latest bhajan album. Need I say more?

saahil kii ret par yuu.N laharaa uThaa ye dil

A remake of a Telugu movie by a respected Tamil director, this movie also served as launching pad for two southies; the hero and the male playback singer. The lyricist who recently passed away, won the filmfare award for best lyrics for another song in the movie but lamented that he should have won the award for the above song. This song starts off with a couple of lines from a singer best known for his Bhajans.

(saa.Nso.n me.n tum aate jaate
ek tumhii.n se hai.n sab naate) \-2

One of Lata's better songs of the 80s. Hridaynath is supposed to have insisted on recording this song many times to make sure Lata got it right.

piilii mu.Ndarii a.Nguurii shaam \-2
mu.Ndarii par raadhaa kaa naam \-2
aakar dekhe sune madhur swar \-2

Lata teamed up with a Hindustani classical legend of Kirana Gharana in this Bhajan album. It has some nice songs in it and Lata comes across reasonably well here.

gaayak: pataa chal gayaa hai ki ma.nzil kahaa.N hai
chalo dil ke lambe safar pe chale.nge
lataa: safar Katm kar de.nge ham to vahii.n par
jahaa.N tak tumhaare qadam le chale.nge

A nice duet with one of the greats of Hindi film music who is clearly below par in this song. The MD happens to be the son of a legendary MD from the golden era. His brother is a former actor and successful director and his nephew, an actor, is a current raging sensation.

Fanatic's section

mor pa.Nkh kii kiraN jagaa kar jagaa kar
mor pa.Nkh kii kiraN jagaa kar
adharo.n par muskaan ugaa kar \-2
har le man kii piir apaar
sa re sa ga sa pa sa dha sa sa dha pa ga re sa dha sa
har le man kii piir apaar

This duet with a Hindustani classical maestro was from a movie that was a remake of an immensely popular Telugu movie. Vani Jairam won the national award for the Telugu equivalent of this song.

Identify the raga of the song.

lataa: pahalii mulaaqaat me.n mai.n to terii ho ga_ii
tere hii Kayaalo.n me.n saathiyaa mai.n kho ga_ii
gaayak: chaahataa huu.N aaj mai.n saare bhed khol duu.N
ab talak na jo kahaa aaj tujhase bol duu.N

This duet with the son of an accomplished singer from the golden era, is from a movie which has a Betty-Veronica twist to the storyline.

Identify the year in which the movie was released.

shira mukuTa kuNDala tilaka chaaru udaaru a.nga vibhuuShaNam
ajaanubhuja sharachaapadhara sa.ngraama jita khara duuShaNam

This 80s Bhajan album has some nice songs from Lata. The MD of this song is really the surprise package.

Identify the MD.

aanaa bhii hai jaanaa bhii hai har dafaa \-2
chalate raho mausam chale jis tarah

One of her best songs of the 90s, it was sung at the opening ceremony of an event. Asha was supposed to sing for the closing ceremony but RDB passed away and Lata chipped in for the closing ceremony too.

Identify the event where this song was sung.

phuul khilate rahe.nge duniyaa me.n \-2
One more line and the song would be a dead giveaway. This is a duet with a ghazal singer. There is also a gorgeous Lata solo from this movie. A late 40s movie by the same name has a beautiful duet by Lata and Rajkumari.

Identify the lyricist.

tanahaa_ii hai aur tuu bhii hai chaahaa vahii mil gayaa \-2
lag jaa gale Kushbuu terii tan\-man meraa mahakaa_egii

This tandem song is from an MD whose first ever song was sung by Lata. He had some very popular disco songs in the 80s. The tandem version of this song is sung by another great from the south of the Vindhyas.

Identify the singer who sang the tandem version.

koii pahale din jaise ghar kisii ke jaataa ho
jaise Kud musaafir ko raastaa bulaataa ho

Marvelous late 70s song and amazing rendition to go with it. Lata is close to her best in this song. This movie has one other great solo by Lata.

Identify the movie.

aa_e more sajanaa khil gaye a.Nganaa \-2
mai.n abhaagan \-2
rahii so_e rii

This Meera Bhajan is set to tune by one of the MDs of the golden era. Some people might claim that this song doesn't really qualify for this quiz. Explain why would that be?

(lataa: saajan mere haath thaame hii chalanaa
rastaa nayaa har qadam pe sa.Nbhalanaa) \-2
gaayak: Thokar lage to bhii kuchh Gam nahii.n hai
saath jo mere tuu hamanashii.n hai

This duet is with one of the better male singers of recent times. It is the title song composed by a little known MD who also directed and produced the movie.

Identify the MD.

suno miit mere ki mai.n giit jwaalaa \-2
tumhaare li_e huu.N mai.n swar kaa ujaalaa

One of the acclaimed poets, he has written lyrics to some great songs in the 40s and 50s. Some of his songs with Sudhir Phadke sung by Lata are gems worth treasuring.

Identify this Bhajan album of the '90s.

* * * *

That's it! Hope you have fun solving the quiz. I am eagerly anticipating your entries. I hope many of you will participate. Good luck!

Arun Iyengar



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Published on 23  June 2002

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