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Much more than a hundred

S Janaki sang nearly 12,000 songs, and Kannada was the language that gave her her due

I have just visited your web page about S Janaki.

It is stated that she has about a hundred memorable songs to her credit in Kannada. I think it is a gross understatement. Her quality songs in Kannada, both solos and duets, number much more than 100. As for her voice, in her real "precision crafted performances" even a most partial and hostile listener will observe that it is way above any other female voice.

Kannada was the first language to give her her due place (much much before her home language, Telugu). She sang about 12,000 songs in Kannada.

I of course am not a fan of any one vocalist, rather only of quality music. But the due should be given to the rightful openly and impartialy.

Kaamraan Ali Khaan

Published on 29 April 2003

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