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Letters to the Editor

A glossary for non-Indians

I am a music composition student studying at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). I'm taking a music technology course which required me to do an online magazine review and I happened upon your site and thought it was interesting, so I chose to review it.

I have a keen interest in both classical and modern pop Indian music and until now had no way of getting the latest news or details about what albums are out. The Music Magazine is fairly comprehensive. However, I'm not Indian and have no Indian background and I didn't understand many of the terms used on your site. I would like to suggest that you have another page site with a glossary of terms used when talking about Indian music. This would enable me to better understand the information provided in The Music Magazine.

David Resnick

A genius called Ilaiyaraja

My day was made when I first heard that Ilayaraja was taking over as the music director for Hey Ram but my joy doubled when I came to know the magnitude of his work. L Subramaniam has supposedly walked out of the movie. Since the entire movie had been completed and the songs picturised, Kamala Hasaan was faced with the daunting task of bringing in a new music director while retaining the same lip-sync. And who else to do this but Ilayaraja!

To cut a long story short... why don't you guys do an article on this great achievement? It's a pity that a genius like Ilayaraja has not been given much attention in your site. I honestly think your site has class and that articles posted on such sites would probably draw more attention than others. Or better still, I think it would be a good idea for you to write a feature about this great man. A series of articles would be even better. And I can recommend the names of dozens of people who would be ready to furnish you with all his info including me. Surprisingly, not many Indians know that he has a symphony to his credit. Maybe it's time people like you took some effort to propagate the works of this God's gift to Indian music.

Manoj Varkey

(We're planning a feature on him. Meanwhile, we'd be grateful for any information about the symphony he has composed, whether and where it's available, etc. -- Ed)

How do you manage it?

I think your site looks really good. Neat perhaps sums it up. There seems to be a lot of information packed in -- how on earth do you manage?!

Sandhya Bhattacharya

Cool new Indian music!

Love the mag! I'm surprised you haven't done a feature on Indian artists on the internet yet.

For example have you checked out Priyesh Khanna on His song Parchai - the Shadow was number one on the India genre charts for months. It's a unique concept of hiphop ghazal! Sounds wild and it's really funky. There's a lot of rubbish there too, but we have to highlight gems like this guy.

Anyway keep up the good work...

Anshu Mehrotra

Do you have the words?

Today as I was surfing the Net I found your address. So I am here to ask for help, I believe you won't say no.

The problem is that I have bet Rs 1,000 on the song Dholna from Thakshak. To tell you the truth I and my brother are not sure about a few lines. If you could send me the lyrics I would really be thankful to you.

Saif Khan

(Sorry Saif, we don't maintain a database of the words. -- Ed)

Kannada music site

Kannada music world is a site I found. I thought I would send the link to you:

Ravi Hegde

Who wrote it?

The Enswasa Katre review is good and balanced. But as you have mentioned, Vairamuthu is not the lyricist for the song Niagra. It is Vaali.

Nagasubramania N

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