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Malkit Singh's 19th studio album is just out


'I have a site on Lataji and also on Ashaji. I like both of them immensely but hardcore Asha fans always say, "Asha is far more versatile than Lata", which is quite disheartening'

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Wanted: singers  

Anyone in Washington DC intereseted in cutting a demo, and possibly an album of Hindi songs?


I'm a musician looking for some Hindi vocalists (male/female) from the Washington DC area to record few Hindi songs. I then intend to release the music in India thru my own music label. If any of your readers with great vocal skills is in the Washington DC area and would like to get in touch for a demo thing, I would be very much interested. Please mail me at Thanks. Warm wishes for the new year.

Sukhpal Singh

New release

The new Malkit Singh Golden Star album has been released in the UK by Oriental Star Agencies [] and by Universal Music in India.

Featuring Malkit Singh's first-ever Hindi song Yeh Chakkar Chakkar Kya Hai and the future smash hits Daaru Peeni, Sona Mahi and Paaro , this is Malkit's 19th new studio album since the start of his career in 1986.

Musically mastered by Jahawar Wattal in Delhi, two new videos have been shot in Mauritius over the New Year by the renowned director Sanjay F Gupta to complement this big release. Lyrics come from the likes of Inderjit Hassanpuri, Malkiat Meet, Sanjeev Anand and Malkit himself. Look out for Malkit Singh and Golden Star touring Europe, North America, India and possibly Pakistan later this year!

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and releases via Look out for Malkit Singh's and Ravi Bal's musical reunion on "Midas Touch 2" later this year.


Fair comparison

These are few thoughts which came to my mind when I read Tipparaju Shailendra's response to review of Visaal. Honestly, when I read the comparison between different ghazals singers, it did not hurt me (I too am a Jagjit fan). It sounds very rational, and it is so true. How many of us can attend live ghazal concerts -- most of us listen to cassettes. So, the comparison is apt.

Why do we sometimes fail to take criticism in the right spirit? There is nothing wrong in comparing, if gives out constructive criticism! I felt that the reviewers' tone wasn't hurting at all...

Latha B N

Lata, Asha and versatility

I am from New Delhi. I went through your article on Lataji's versatality. It was something I always believed in but with your examples it is easy for me to substantiate my claim.

Actually I have a site on Lataji and also on Ashaji. I like both of them immensely but hardcore Asha fans always say, "Asha is far more versatile than Lata", which is quite disheartening at times. I really thank you for your article; it is going to be an eye-opener for quite a few music fans. I will try to promote the article so that more and more people know about the true genius of Lataji.

I would also like to invite you to my sites on Lataji and on Ashaji . It would be nice to hear your comments and suggestions on the sites.

Gaurav Kumar 

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