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Dear Sir, Madam or Beast 

A Yanni fan is outraged by this magazine's review of If I Could Tell You   

Dear Sir, Madam, or Beast (whichever suits you best):

I have just read your critique of Yanni's If I Could Tell You, and quite frankly, from my very obscure and humble point of view, I heartfully disagree with you. Granted, I am not an expert or a "connoisseur," but let me tell you that as it is, I am absolutely PROUD of not being one. I find it a VERY lucky thing for the world at large that not everyone can claim to be one if being an expert means that one has to lose all sensibility and berate, as you so obnoxiously do, heavenly works of art as Yanni's music. I, for one, should rather remain an ignoramus. It is also a lucky thing that you are sufficiently unknown for not many to read the sort of crap you "write." I do trust that you will forever stay at the back of bloody nowhere where you are at (and rot there).

Cordially and respectfully yours,

Nelson López

Janaki was Kannada's favourite

Dear Editor,

I read your I have just visited your web page about S Janaki. It is stated in the website that she has about a hundred memorable songs to her credit in Kannada. I think it is a gross understatement. Her quality songs in Kannada, both solos and duets number much more than 100.

As for her voice, in her real "precision crafted performances" even a most partial and hostile listener will observe that it is way above of any other female voice.

Kannada was the first language to give her her due place (much much before her home language, Telugu). She sang about 12,000 songs in Kannada.

I of course am not a fan of any one vocalist, rather only of quality music. But what is due should be given to openly and impartialy.

Kaamraan Ali Khaan

Preview of video album   

Our album and video will be shortly out in the Indian market. Peek a boo (



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