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Letters to the Editor

Identifying with your reviews

Thanks for the review of Pukar. I did check it out the very day it was up! You can tell I am a great follower of A R Rahman's music, I guess!

If you remember, I had expressed my disappointment regarding your review of Thakshak earlier. Well, let's say I reacted more as a fan rather than anything else. It was heartening to see that you thought of Pukaar as a hitherto unseen facet of Rahman's music. I had the same feeling about the album.

"Rahman's doing melody and enjoying it", you say. True, I feel. I also identified with your review of Mudhalvan and Taal and have since been a regular visitor to your site.

Austin, Texas

Where is it available?

I just read about the collection, Songs of the Nine Nights. Could you please tell me if it is available at the music stores?


(We gather it is available in some stores in Chennai, but for more details you could contact nravikiran@erols.com -- Ed)


The magazine's fantabulous.

Apeksha Gupta


Something about Kala

I just want to congratulate you on the web-site. I also wanted to add that in the article you carried about Pt.Jasraj, the writer says that violinist Kala Ramnath is Dr N Rajam's daughter, which is not true. Kala is in fact her niece, and was her disciple for a little while before she met Pt Jasraj.

Lavanya Dinesh
Florida, USA

It's Reetigowla?

You review of Mudalvan was good, but for the Azhagana Rakshashi song. "Raga Ananda Bhairavi colours the stylishly done phrases," it says. Anandha Bharivi is incorrect, it is Reetigowla.

Srikanth Devarajan

Kannada music site

Kannada music world is a site I found. I thought I would send the link to you: http://www.kmw.tsx.org.

Ravi Hegde

Who wrote it?

The Enswasa Katre review is good and balanced. But as you have mentioned, Vairamuthu is not the lyricist for the song Niagra. It is Vaali.

Nagasubramania N
nagas baan@hotmail.com

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