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Letters to the Editor

That's what I call eclectic!

Kudos on an excellent site. I believe that the breadth and the depth offered by your site is impressive, and the quality of articles is generally very good too. Having said that, I do have a few grouses, and I am positive that you people are already working on these:

On the web, articles must have bylines. Readers want to know who wrote the story. Better still, please include an e-mail address for the writer, as music is a passionate medium, and people want to write in! The whole point is "interaction". If that element is missing, we might as well read a newspaper.

Better search engines will help you hold on to new readers longer. the present search engine is weak, to put it mildly.

Better research: Fatboy Slim's music is NOT acid rock. That is an inaccurate, lazy description of his genre. Acid rock died with 1969: Jefferson Airplane, Sgt. Pepper, Hendrix and the like. Fatboy Slim's music is usually classified under electro-techno, sometimes under rave, trance or simply, beat music - but *never* acid rock :)

But hey, what other site gives me Fatboy Slim reviews next to Bhimsen Joshi? Now that's what I call eclectic!

Krishna Moorthy
Woodbridge, New Jersey

(Thanks. We already have a feedback button at the end of each story. From this month we provide e-mail IDs of reviewers and feature writers so that readers can also write to them directly. Some contributors prefer to have the magazine forward mail to them. We would like to start a section for album reviews sent in by readers, and we invite readers to express their opinions and disagreements. -- Ed)

Vishnuvardhan in 'Malayamaruta', a Kannada musical Classical and film connections

I have gone through a lot of sites on music but this is the first site I have seen that combines information about classical music, film music and other genres.

It is really interesting to read the articles on this site. I especially liked the connections you brought out between classical music and film music.

Nagaraj Mandya

Stereotyped images

It is a very well written article. As mentioned in it, there are many facets of classical musicians that popular cinema refuses to explore. They generally stick to stereotyped images. By the way, I saw a small part of a Tamil movie called Todi Raagam starring T N Seshagopalan. It was hilarious watching his acting(?).

I liked the review of Janaki's Kannada album. I came to Bangalore only a couple of years ago. I am trying to find some good Kannada songs (though I can't understand the language). I bought a tape called Doni Saagali and it was very good.

S Suresh

More essays

I just now went through your essay on how musicians are portrayed in films. Very good. Write more like this.

Vivek Shanbhag

Read essay The unreal classical musician

Rye is the guy!

I'm sending this e-mail to let you all know about this new 23-year-old singer/songwriter who is taking the Internet and the world by storm! He rocks!

I stumbled across his music by accident while surfing the net and, let me just tell you, his songs have changed my life... (sorry I'm being a total drama queen).

Anyway, he has a beautiful voice, amazing songs, (oh yeah, and did I mention he's freakin' gorgeous?). Anyway, he deserves to have someone like me spreading the word, so there ya go. But wait...

The best part is you can listen to and/or download his entire album for free!

So check him out. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Michelle Williams
michelle w378@hotmail.com

Wrong address!

For heavens sake! How could you have missed those two important "inspirations" in Mugavaree? One is Keech kiliye. It's a note-to-note copy of a Dr Alban song Enemies from his October 1998 album. And the Poo number. Again a note-to-note copy of the song That thing you do from the Tom Hanks debut movie of the same name.

I had done a review of Mugavaree but I refused to send it to anybody because the album sounds like a cover version without any credits to the original artistes! It's a very BAD album to put it mildly. And to think the movie's about a music director with conviction about what he does! Sad!

Karthik S

Read review of Mugavaree

Music for ads

I run a music publishing company called Being Creative. We are looking for original music suitable for today's world of advertising. If any of your readers produce any genre of music that they feel is suitable for adverts, then they should send demos on CDs or mini discs (30 secs +) to

Music for Adverts
PO Box 22097 SW2 4WT

Dan Wiltshire

Great venture

Congratulations. I found the review of Bhimsen Joshi's cassette excellent. Very few reviewers know how to write about music -- I mean how to deal with the objective as well as subjective response to it.

I am in Bangalore now and when I go back to Mysore I will keep in touch with your great venture -- I have bought a new computer and you have made it worthwhile for me.

Dr U R Anantha Murthy

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