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'There's a download section with programs, audio tools and literature'

Alisha is actually her second eponymous album. The first one was called Aah Alisha

Browser mail

The King's community  

Have you heard about this site run by Elvis fans?

We want to let you know about an Elvis site. We know there are a lot of good sites. But ours is different. It is an Elvis Community.

1. Users can communicate internally.

2. There are two discussion forums: one general forum and the other dedicated to the question, "Is Elvis alive?" Users can discuss this question.

3. The site always contains the latest Elvis news. We have a news scout. His name is Steve. He´s always travelling through the web, catching the latest headlines about the KING. He also has contacts with people who are up to date. Steve is also very active in our forums, leading discussions and helping users if they have problems.

4. Users can be active by submitting news, pictures and all kind of Elvis media.

5. Users can see who´s online to get directly in contact with friends. By chat or mail.

6. There is also a download section, which contains programs, audio tools, audio downloads (real audio streams), literature and a section where users can post rare things.

7. The audio section contains new downloads (Real Audio) every month.

8. To decorate your desktop, we also decided to offer wallpapers.

9. Users can send email using our Elviscrawler Webmailer. This simple tool can send mail via our internal pop3 mailer.

10. After a lot of requests, we created a section especially for impersonators. This section contains details of impersonators and their websites.

11. And everything´s for free!

Christian and Steve

Saregama recordings

I'm eagerly looking for Video Tapes or VCDS of TVS Saregama or Sylvania Saregama. I'm ready to purchase all episodes from the 100th (included) onwards.

I hope you will be able to assist me to find these tapes or Vcds. Kindly help.

Abdul Salam

Kaifi tribute

Thanks for the M S Sathyu tribute to Kaifi Azmi. In these inflamed times it is good to know how a creative artist from one community was inspired and guided by another from a so-called opposed community.

Amar Kaushik

What does 'Alaipayuthe' mean?

I'm from Kerala, and the number of Tamil words I know can be counted on my fingers. But that hasn't stopped me from enjoying Oothukad songs, especially 'Alaipayuthe'. My problem is this: I badly want to know what the lyrics mean in 'Alaipayuthe'. Can you help me? Ramesh B Natarajan

Taaq in Chennai

Here's an earful for you if you're in Chennai. We are playing at The Vineyard (now known as the Unwind Center) on Friday, June 7, 2002. The occasion is 'June Rock Out', an event in its fourth year of rocking live music, and this year it's going to be hotter. Because we're kicking it off!

Donation passes available for Rs. 50 at the Unwind Center (formerly Vineyard) 110, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai-29 PHONES: (044) 3740850/3740860

Be there in flesh and in spirit (they say alcohol is banned, so...)

Thermal and a Quarter 

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Fabmart Music

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