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Fall of a superb voice

P B Srinivas was in fine form when he lost his songs to Rajkumar, writes Katti V N

I don't know when this article was written, but I thought I would share my opinion. Well, Rajkumar has been a successful singer basically because he could command popularity on the basis of his acting. What one should stop and think is, could he have survived as a singer alone? I vehemently think not.

P B Srinivas has a distinct and superb voice which to date has not been matched by any other singer. He could sing songs in a fairly high pitch as in Ilidu baa thayi (Arishina Kunkuma). The attempt by Rajkumar to sing Naavaduva nudiye is an utter flop. Moreover, who could sing shlokas as melodiously as P B Srinivas? It was a great loss for the Kannada film industry to lose such a golden voice when he was still in form and Dr Raj has to be blamed for the loss.

Katti V N
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Words for Jagjit Singh song

I like your web site and wonder if you have the wordings of some of the bhajans by Jagjit Singh. I am especially looking for the wordings/script of the bhajan Krishna Pranat Paal Prabhu in the CD Sanwara. If you do not have the wordings, then can you suggest a web site which does? I already have the CD but it is hard to decipher the words.

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Published on 1 June 2003

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