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A concerted drive is on to archive as many Hindi film lyrics as possible.
 Too bad we do not find too many professional audio reviews of Telugu albums.

From la-la-la to
the right words 

Dying to know the words of your favourite Hindi songs but don't know where to look? You'll find this exchange of letters useful 

A 'weird' request

I know this request is weird, but IF its possible, please do the needful. I would like to have the lyrics of a song (written in the Roman script) from the Hindi film Howrah Bridge, starring Guru Dutt and Madhubala, with music by O P Nayyar.

The song is by Asha Bhonsle, Aaiyye Mehrbaan Baithiye Jaan-e-jaan Shauq se leejiye... I know just the mukhda and would be grateful if you could e-mail me the lyrics of the song.


(We forwarded Dastagir's mail to Ashok Dhareshwar, a passionate lover of vintage music, and he responded with a suggestion. -- Ed)

Where to look for words

Dear Suchitra,

To begin with, please reassure Mr Dastagir that it is not at all a weird request.  So much so that the RMIM community (that's the newsgroup) has a concerted drive going to see that as many as possible of Hindi film song lyrics be archived.  One can get the lyrics for more than 2000 songs, in Devanagari or Roman.

He should look up this site: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/isb_archives/

Unfortunately, the site is currently down for maintenance.  Expected to come up shortly.  So, I couldn't determine if the song is there.  If
the song is not there, one can make a request in the newsgroup rec.music.indian.misc. Someone usually responds with the words.

An earlier site with fewer songs is: http://chandra.astro.indiana.edu/isongs/

Th Howrah Bridge song doesn't seem to be there, but there are more than a thousand others.



(Ashok then took the trouble to find the words and mail them to us. We forwarded his mail to Dastagir -- Ed)

The words, if you're curious

aa_iye maharabaa.N
baiThiye jaan\-e\-jaa.N
shauq se liijiye jii
ishq kaa imtehaa.N
aa_iye maharabaa.N

dekhaa machal ke jidhar
bijalii giraa de udhar
dekhaa machal ke jidhar
bijalii giraa de udhar
kis kaa jalaa aashiyaa.N
bijalii ko ye kyaa Kabar
aa_iye maharabaa.N ...

kaise ho tum naujavaa.N
itane hasii.n mahamaa.N
kaise ho tum naujavaa.N
itane hasii.n mahamaa.N
kaise karuu.N mai.n bayaa.N
dil kii nahii.n hai zubaa.N
aa_iye maharabaa.N ...

Shubh names!

Thank you so much and to Ashok for sending me the words of this immortal
composition from Howrah Bridge picturised on Madhubala.

I am a great admirer of Suchitra Sen. Your name is also Suchitra, and you
did not let me down.

Thanks again

(Thanks mainly to Ashok and his newsgroup friends. -- Ed)

Any other Telugu albums?

Hi Bhuvaneshwari

I enjoyed your review of Mrugaraju in The Music Magazine. I am wondering whether you have reviewed any other Telugu albums. If so can you please forward me their URLs.

Too bad we do not find too many professional audio reviews of Telugu albums.

Hey, by the way, I like the site, especially the byline 'Discernment - Online'. Pretty classy. I however have a small suggestion. I think the website can be streamlined a bit, i.e have articles in different categories like Reviews, Music Directors, Interviews, General, etc instead of one long page.

Prasad Varma

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