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'Why is Panchama considered a prakruthi swara?'


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Questions about sarigama  

Here's Dr K R S Murthy's open quiz for those interested in the basics of Indian classical music


I have developed a raaga coding and illustration system. I have shown the example of raaga Mohana (Bhoopali. Please feel free to comment. I am currently preparing detailed documentation, explaining the concept with a few examples. I have the complete methodology for the following using this system:

Automatic Alaapana Maker
Automatic Raaga Transformer and Translator
Automatic Raaga Illusion
Raaga graphical display (while hearing any music)

The coding and illustration makes it easy for teachers, musicians and music enthusiasts. I also have an idea for a graphical display on the web and computer monitor while listening to music.

I have composed a song on Sarasvathi entitled Saraswathi Invocation or Sarasvathi Prachodhane. It is in raaga Sarasvathi, a derivative/janya of Vaachaspathi (64th Melakartha). I have written complete swaras for the song for use by instrumentalists. The complete document is in Baraha format. I will be glad to send it for anyone interested in trying it on a keyboard.


It is time for an open book examination -- for students, teachers and music scholars!

Here is a simple quiz:

1. Why has Panchama been considered a Prakruthi swara?
2. Why is Panchama so singular that there are no variants/subtones in it?
3. Why has Madhyama two variants/ subtones, whereas Ri, Ga, Dha, and Ni two or more? What was the logic of the musicians and musicologists of the yesteryears behind this thinking?
4. Did musicians and musicologists have enough understanding of the physics behind music when they devised the Indian octave structure?
5. What is a Prakruthi swara anyway? Why are some swaras termed Prakruthi swaras, while others are termed Vikruthi swaras?

I am not looking for traditional answers, but for really basic thinking. After I get responses from the readers, musicians, musicologists and enthusiasts, I will post all responsible and sincere answers.

I will also write about this topic with my answers and with complete logic.

You may send the answers to me at one of the following e-mail addresses: My music site has a lot of discussion on Indian classical music.

Dr K R S Murthy
San Jose

'Bad' beat

I don't suppose you happen to know what synth was used for the drums in Michael Jackson's "Bad" Album, or similar? Or how I could find out?


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