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Letters to the Editor

Music for adverts

I run a music publishing company called Being Creative. We are looking for original music suitable for today's world of advertising. If any of your readers produce any genre of music that they feel is suitable for adverts, then they should send demos on CDs or mini discs (30 secs +) to

Music for Adverts
PO Box 22097 SW2 4WT

Dan Wiltshire

Seeing is believing

The Dhananjayans: running a gurukula for music and dance All of you are aware of the Bhaaskara Art Integrated Education Centre coming up in sylvan northern Kerala. A year ago many may not have believed that the dream project will be a reality. Now you must come and see the place buzzing with life. Building activities are on full swing. Green saplings are coming up all around. Curious visitors enjoying their walk absorb the divine atmosphere of the hilly abode of Bhaaskara.

An intensive dance and training camp is on. June 2000 will see a few kids enjoying their school lessons in a casuarina grove, and doing their dance and music lessons under a Kerala-style roof.

To carry on this monumental work, we need immediate and abundant funding. We appeal to our friends and well-wishers to contribute generously and soon. Indian rupee cheques drawn in favour of Bhaaskara Art and Education Trust can be forwarded to No 22, Jeevaratnam Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020.

All donations are income tax exempted under Section 80(G). Foreign cheques may be marked "Towards Bhaaskara account" and mailed to: Swami Chidananda, Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, Buckingham, Virginia 23921, USA.

They will send you a tax exemption certificate.

V P Dhananjayan

(Read article Bhaaskara in search of Kubera)

Great venture

Congratulations. I found the review of Bhimsen Joshi's cassette excellent. Very few reviewers know how to write about music -- I mean how to deal with the objective as well as subjective response to it.

I am in Bangalore now and when I go back to Mysore I will keep in touch with your great venture -- I have bought a new computer and you have made it worthwhile for me.

Dr U R Anantha Murthy

Eager wait

I was wondering when you were scheduled to come up with the review for Kandukondain Kandukondain. I have been visiting your site multiple times a day to check if you have it up although I know you update it only once a couple of days!


(Read review of Kandukondain Kandukondain)

Dr K Varadarangan: scholarly effort Systematic approach

I saw your article on my book in The New Indian Express. I was travelling to Bangalore from Ahmed Nagar and my colleague bought the paper in Guntakal and we found the article right on the second page.

It must thank you very much for giving such wonderful coverage. The article has come out very well, clearly highlighting what is new in the book. I liked your systematic approach.

Dr K Varadarangan

(Read article about Dr Varadarangan's book on srutibedha)

Been a fan

I really enjoy your site. I have been a big fan.

Paul Warshaw
On e-mail

Good piece on Asha

I found Suchitra's article on Asha Bhonsle very well done.

Mirza Waheed
New Delhi

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