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Majunu, Run, Rhythm...

The orchestra in recent Tamil films sounds good, but the videos are a let-down, writes Shankar Kalyana

Not even sure if you guys are still in business -- would regret it if you are not because I have rarely found such quality reviews of Indian film music and its protagonists anywhere.

In any case, I wanted to offer a couple of comments on albums and directors you had reviewed a while ago. I am only beginning to listen to Tamil film music after a long time and I am duly impressed by the quality of the orchestration.

Case in point -> Majunu. Even the "dappan kotthu" song Pada pada pattampoochi was very differently done and had an appealing quality to it. It was quite rare for me to like all songs from a movie (except maybe Ninaithale Inikkum) and this one proved to be one of those. Mercury melae had some of the best bass arrangements and a rollicking beat. Pinju thendralae had a nice and sweet opening and I agree with you -- I thought I was listening to P Suseela only to find out it was someone named Sandhya.

Some of my other recent favorite albums are (I have listened to only a few however, so may be missing out on a few good ones)

- Rhythm (except for that Ramya Krishnan song which my 4 yr daughter loves!) - Run (where did this guy come from - songs were just amazing). - Dum Dum Dum (Ragasiyamai and Un Perai were the standouts) - Alaipayuthey - Kannathil Mutthamittal If only the "music videos" (aka song sequences) could be as nice to watch! (They are horrible, except maybe for a few from Mani Ratnam's movies).

Keep those nice reviews coming! Good Luck!

It would be nice if you added a link with albums and their ratings so guys like me can go buy them without having to painfully listen to the bad ones :-)

Shankar Kalyana

Published on 13 May 2003

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