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Letters to the Editor

Liked Thakshak, but not your review

I have listened to Thakshak and liked it a lot. Read the review. Wonder if there is something that you guys hold against A R Rahman? Sorry but that is the impression I get from reading all your reviews of his albums. There is profuse and cliched use of the word "repetitive". Well, if I were to describe his music, I would rather say "experimental" or "different", at least with respect to Thakshak.

Can I ask you a very simple question? What are the standards that you review albums against? Or is it just that being "critical" always is a part of your review of any album? I would think although it is a necessary part of an honest critique of someone's work, you seem to be almost contemptuous of ARR's work, which is disconcerting to say the least.

Texas, USA

(We've described Rahman's music in Taal as 'flamboyant' and 'innovative' and the Thakshak review talks about two fresh-sounding tunes. We are not contemptuous of any artiste; at the same time we assert our right to express honestly felt opinions. -- Ed)

Very amazing

We learnt about your site from somebody who compared our site http://www.cybersteering.com to yours and to cricket.org in terms of the integrity of owners.

We are honoured. Your site is very amazing.

Veeresh Malik

(Thanks Veeresh. We're honoured too. -- Ed)

Cool hits from Lalgudi?!

I'm not too great a fan of classical or Karnatak ( I can't even tell the difference between the two), but the Lalgudi G Jayaraman article made good reading.

I really do like the style of your reporter Priya Krishnamoorthy. It came on easy and simple. It kept an absolute ignoramus like me glued to the screen. Guess a little knowledge about this kind of music wouldn't hurt much. Keep up the good work. Who knows, I may even buy a CD of Lalgudi G Jayaraman's tillanas someday. Does he have a greatest hits collection, by the way? Just kidding.

Dano Joseph
United Arab Emirates

(Priya is thrilled! We've forwarded your e-mail to her. -- Ed)

Longing to hear Kumar Gandharva

Your site was exactly what I was hoping for. I am amazed by the range of musical taste that your magazine attempts to address. It adds more to my pleasure to learn that this magazine is run from Bangalore!

Reading your review of Kumar Gandharva, I am getting restless to buy the album! I have not heard Kumar Gandharva, except for a short piece in Mand -- Aa ja rajan -- compiled in HMV's 50 Years of Indian Music. That was like a teaser. I also want to get that Bhimsen Joshi album, with Lalit-Bhatiyar, Brundavan Sarang and others.

Thank you very much for your web-site. I'd look for more things to learn from it.

N S Srikanth

Quality and diversity

I have been noting the progress of your endeavour from time to time and am very delighted to see your stress on quality and diversity. The latest on Kabir and Ravi Shankar caught my attention. Keep it up.

Chitravina N Ravikiran

Found you by accident

We just found you by accident but were very impressed. Liked your quick notes and lively atmosphere.

Madhuri Prasad
Los Angeles

Four swaras will do

Suchitra Lata's review of Sarvasri, Balamurali's recently released tape, was too critical of the artiste. There is no hard-core principle that a raga must have at least five notes. In classical music, there is also a name given to a raga with four notes -- it is called 'swarantara', just as you call a raga with five notes an 'oudava' and a raga with six notes a 'shadava'. It is true that a raga can be interesting if it has at least five notes. Singing a raga with four notes is also not easy.

A music enthusiast
Place not mentioned

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