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Letters to the Editor

Great job!

I truly appreciate your work and feel there is a great need for serious analysis of music, such as you are doing in The Music Magazine. The Net is such a great means of communication that its a pity that most musicians and music companies just use it for advertising. I feel you are doing a great job.

Shuba Mudgal


You guys have done a great job in creating this web site. I am interested in classical Indian music. I hope your web site will soon have a special section devoted to it.

Deepak Nautiyal
New York

Frank and to the point

I read your reviews of Karnatak music. I think they are really frank and to the point compared to the flowery reviews I read in The Hindu. I have listened to Madurai Mani Iyer's tape that you reviewed in August and although I am an admirer of his, I too felt that he had not done justice to Kambodhi. I also liked your review of Balamuralikrishna. A genius he might be, but I don't understand what pleasure he gets by potraying common ragas in an entirely unfamiliar way which leads laymen like me to think that he is committing apaswaras.

Nikhil Rao

Keep up the good work

Its a great job!

This site will be of interest especially to Indians like us who are abroad. Can you provide us with a few recorded songs at your site? We are very much interested in seeing a separate section dedicated to classical music and Karnataka.
Keep up the good work!

H S Prathima, Satish Narahari

Wonderful, eyecatching!

Wonderful, eyecatching and interesting. For a music-naive person who does not understand the abc of classical music, your magazine is very informative. I just knew that I enjoy listening to music but I now seem to be able to put it in a bracket and categorize and appear educated. It would be nice if you can add clippings of the songs to emphasize your criticism. Commendable job. Keep it up.


What's on

Enjoyed the visit to your site. An additional feature that you might think about is a 'What's on' section, a listing of performance schedules of Indian/international artistes in India/abroad.


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