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Vishnu's names in Telugu lyrics

With the grace of the god, I happened to get into the hobby of composing lyrics in Sanskritized Telugu. Entitled Sri Haridasa Samkirtamulu, they bear "Haridasa" as the mudra (signature) and are organized into three parts:

The first part exposes the meaning of each of the Sri Vishnu Sahasranmamulu (thousand names of Vishnu), as I understood them, in lyrical form.

The second part describes the glory of the Lord and the lyrics are called Sriharidasa padamulu.

The third part exposes the meaning of Srimadbhagavadgita, as I understood it, and the lyrics are called Srihari Gitananda Lahari.

The Engilsh and Hindi transliterations of these lyrics, along with the original Telugu, are available on the web. Please spread the news to your frieds, musicians, dance schools and music and dance associations.

Six audio cassettes have been released. They are available in Chennai as well as at SV Temple, Pittsburgh, USA. Details are available at: http://www9.50megs.com/sriharidasa/haridAsakIrtana/aBivamdanAlu.htm

Please be in touch with me if you have any difficulty in accessing the web pages.

Sree Sistla
Nepean, Ontario Canada

Needs nurturing

I've been following your site off and on and have finally added it to my favourites. It is interesting and nice.

As with anybody I have some comments.

On the home page there is no contact us or write to editor link. Today accidentally I discovered your mail ID by moving the mouse on one of the links. This should be added as soon as possible and should not involve any cost.

On most reviews I read, I wish I had some way of commenting. Amazon has a reader's review section. Any book can be reviewed by the reader and we can give a star rating. I think this star rating is a good funda and it immediately catches attention. Both reviewer and public should be allowed to give rating.

I think this site needs more nurturing and continuous improvement. Hope it fulfills its promise.  


Thanks. We've added a feedback link on the home page. Readers can click on it to write in. The link works with most browsers that support frames. If it doesn't, here's our ID -- editor@themusicmagazine.com. You will also find 'Send your review' links at the end of each article. We will be happy to publish readers' responses to any story. -- Ed

Bangalore pride

I congratulate you on your wonderful website! And I am glad that it is a "music crazy couple from Bangalore" who has thought of this e-zine. As a Bangalorean, and as a music lover, I wish you all the best.

Ramesh Rao
Associate Professor, Communication, Truman State University, USA

Marvellous Saraswati

While browsing the web looking for ways to reach AIR, Bangalore by email, I came across your site. I am indeed very impressed by the quality and content of your site... I wish I had found it sooner...

May be you can help me with this... There is a five veena ensemble conducted by Dr Doreswamy Iyengar (a rendition of raga Saraswati) that I heard over AIR, Bangalore about two years ago. I tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to request them (called the programme officer) to re-broadcast it when I was in Bangalore this July.

I wonder if you can help me get this piece of marvellous music posted on AIR's website http://air.kode.net/music/classmus.htm (You may want to check this out, if you haven't already...)

After all, music has no desire, but to fulfil itself.

Balu Nadig
New Jersey

Getting to Howrah Bridge

On a New Jersey radio station, I heard a song called Mera naam chin chin chu by Howrah Bridge. It evidently comes from an Indian movie, or that's what I think I heard. It is also possible that this song is on a collection of songs called Doob Doob-a-Rama Volume 2, but I cannot find this recording on the Internet anywhere.

Anyway, I found this e-mail address on a web site devoted to Indian music, and I thought that you might be able to give me some guidance.

Dwight Weber
Oregaon, Portland

The song is not by Howrah Bridge, but from a film of that name. You could try any Indian music store in the US. Induslive may be able to help you.

Padams by Chithra

I am Kuberan from Wipro, Madivala, Bangalore. I read your review about Chithra's Enchanting Melodies. Can you please let me know where you bought it? I am interested in buying that cassette after reading your review.
Kuberan P E

It should be available at the bigger music stores in Bangalore. It is distributed by CBS.

Looking for a teacher

The site is excellent, but confusing to a newcomer. You can do something to classify different music. I am a serious tabla learner and have written down my experiences of the process. I am also interested in finding a committed guru for the tabla in Hyderabad.


Inspiring moment

Finding a review of Inspirational Moments II is great! I really love the album, and I was so glad when EMI released it in my country, Indonesia. It is so hard to find such recordings in Indonesia, and when the album proved to be successful, EMI Indonesia immediately released Inspirational Moments I which was originally released in 1996, and Inspirational Moments III, this year. I was wondering if you could assist me in finding the lyrics of the songs in these albums. I've tried to search the web, but so far I haven't got much.

Hananto Prihanto

Keep it up!

Read about this site in Gentleman magazine. Excellent work. Do keep it up.

Navi Mumbai

Sure winner

The Hariharan song Maikade bandh is philosophical and the music video in contrast is bubbly and light. It is visually very appealing and the blend of the song and video together makes the cocktail perfect. It is a sure winner.

Firoza Zorabian

Know of this vintage music site?

About a year ago I discovered a major website dedicated to the preservation of early recordings of Indian music. Unfortunately, I did not make a note of it at the time, and am now unable to find it. Does anyone know about such a website?

If this website for vintage recordings can be located, it may well prove to be of immense help in the preparation of a major discography of early recordings of Indian music that a fellow discographer is currently working on.

My discography is of European recordings of Jewish music on 78s and although my following query does not strictly fall within the confines of my research, I would be interested to find an answer to it. It is, I am afraid, rather obscure.

Fred Gaisberg, the famous pioneer recording engineer who worked for the Gramophone Company was in India in 1902. While there, among many other artists, he recorded Goura Jan, an "Armenian Jewess" who sang in twenty languages.

I would be extremely interested to learn more about this singer and am curious to know what languages she sang in. For example, was Ladino one of them? Ladino was the language spoken by the Sephardic Jews of medieval Spain and which they took with them all over the world (but particularly North Africa, the Balkans, Greece and Turkey) after their expulsion from Spain in 1492.

As I said, rather obscure and going back in time somewhat, but, as I have learnt, there is often someone out there somewhere that has the answer.

As there are small communities of Sephardic Jews in India, mainly, I believe, in the Bombay area, I wonder if it is possible that recordings have been made of their music. If so, I'd love to find out the details.

Finally, perhaps your readers would be interested in an account of Fred Gaisberg's early recording expedition to India. If so, perhaps I could provide a summary for you some time.

Mike Aylward
United Kingdom

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