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Letters to the Editor

Keep the raga going!

I saw an article today in Times of India about The Music Magazine. I visited the site, it's just great. So simple and covered so many things. I liked it. I am a music lover. Hope to see more interesting things. Keep the raga going.

Ravinder S

Magnificent job!

I was directed to your site by a BBC article -- I must say I was very impressed! Kudos on a magnificent job. Is there any possibility of more Carnatic articles/CD selections?

Arun Rao
Marketing Programmes Manager
Xerox North American Solutions Group

Great going!

I read about your site in Blitz and it was great to see a site featuring so many interesting articles. Great going!

Viral Bhayani
Debonair Magazine


Congrats, it looks terrific!

Ajit Balakrishnan
Rediff on the Net, Mumbai

Looks elegant

The magazine is great. Congratulations on a wonderful job! It's not just well-written, but also looks very elegant, unlike so much other material on the web. Hope it has all the success it deserves.


Enriching dimension

Please keep up this great work of bringing an enriching dimension to looking at Indian popular music.

Wish you can also bring to the discerning ear of present-day music lovers the great popular '70s compositions of M S Viswanathan, Sankar-Ganesh, V Kumar, K V Mahadeven, G Ramanathan, Vijayabhaskar, Rajan Nagendra and Gangai Amaran to name a few.

Nithin Sreedevan

Amazing Indian stuff!

I just checked out your stuff after seeing it mentioned in India Today. Proud to have co-Bangaloreans do something like this.

Amazing Indian stuff, and the blues with Billie Holliday was good. Wish you would have some more Western stuff though.


Not so abstract

I was just going through your web magazine. Being a music lover, I was interested in finding what you think about music itself. And I was disappointed to see the line "Music is an abstract art".

You correctly spoke about the inadequecy of media backing for our classical music, folk songs, jazz etc.

Just think about folk songs. I don't think they deserve a tag of abstractness.

As far as I can think, music originated from the monotonous and repetitive tasks in very early human life, maybe somewhere in Africa. Folk songs tell us so... I mean the daily life of the villagers, their way of thinking, acceptance of life... all these. No way these songs are abstract.

On the other hand, classical music, in some sense, brings a sense of abstractness to a common person like me. But this is only one portion of music, however vast.

For that matter, anything which can be considered an art form can be viewed from some angle as an abstract entity.

So the term "abstract art" is not only redundant but also misleading as it can force people to think that music can be enjoyed only by those who can understand abstractness of life.

Fortunately, music is an integrated part of our life. Making music popular would mean to arouse that sense in the masses.

Thirthankar Ghosh

Excellent experience

It's an excellent experience.

Jayanta Kumar Das
All India Radio,

An amazing endeavour

First of all this is an excellent idea, being able to get Net access to classical music from India. Well done! I appreciate the purpose behind such a service. The layout is pretty professional.

I congratulate all the people behind this service. I am sure it will excel and be a good source of information to all music lovers.

I am happy to say that I visit the site almost every day and enjoy it.

Prakash Hegde

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