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Letters to the Editor

Sensible guide without mass hysteria

It was great to visit your site. It is superb. Nice to see a sensible guide to music without the mass hysteria. Certainly a site for the ardent and true music lover, without the noise. All the best and keep it going.

C B Ramkumar

Learning about Vande Mataram

This is the most intense learning experience I've had about the familiar schoolday song of mine. Sadly the very essence of the song and its rich history is ignored -- instead we had our ears pulled to get the song just right. The article has certainly left me wanting to go out to listen to the variations (would have definitely been nice to have them on the site though).

C J Gopalkrishna


Congratulations on your excellent music venture! I really enjoyed browsing through your site. The content is very well researched and edited. I am really impressed with it. I'm not surprised that you've received such rave reviews from the press. Keep it up and Good luck.

Sushma Prakash

Keep the raga going

Very exciting! Your magazine only makes me wish more and more that I had a computer too and access to the Internet. Good luck and keep the raga and tala going.

Rangayana Theatre Repertory Mysore

Great going!

I had a nice time on your webpage. Very interesting indeed. Why not play some songs also. Thanks.


Good as ever!

The August issue is as good as ever, particularly the pieces on MS and Shubha Mudgal.

Sugandhi Ravindranathan
Stylus Communications

Informative reviews!

I came to know about your site through The Times of India. I appreciate your efforts in bringing such a site. I visit your site every two days and find it very informative. I would like to suggest you include information on eminent Karnatak and Hindustani musicians. Your review of new audio releases is also informative.

C Nagaraj
Veena artiste

What a great site!

What a great site you have. Have you been reviewed by our cyberscriber, Tony? I think your site would be a good candidate for a review.

Michael Christian
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

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