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Letters to the Editor

A musical friendship site

We take immense pleasure in announcing that the only site dedicated to Indian/Pakistani music Mehfil is back.

It is the only site at present having such a large collection of Sufi music, ghazals, qawallis and other traditional genres. The music is in G2 real format and is of FM quality. You can also find a lot of information about the poets and singers from Indian subcontinent.

When at present the tension between India and Pakistan is increasing, we have tried to give some comfort to the agitated souls on both the sides of the border through music.

So visit Mehfil and let music be the food of love!


The Music Magazine is special!

First of all hearty congratulations on creating and nurturing this wonderful e-zine. I have been a regular visitor to The Music Magazine ever since I read in the Deccan Herald about you and your web site some time last year.

I have always loved music. Six years ago when I started to get a salary, one of the first things I bought was a music system. And falling asleep to music and waking up again to music remains an unalloyed joy to this day. I know that a vast majority of people do enjoy music. Though the genres of music may be different for different people. And the degree of pleasure people take in music may vary as well.

I am sure they are special who not only appreciate the subtle nuances of music but also interpret and articulate those nuances for others. It is to this category of special people that I want to include you folks at The Music Magazine.

I like the gracious way you review music of different people. Mild in your criticism and generous in your praise. Ah! probably a heart that appreciates music cannot be but generous!

May your good work flourish. Here's wishing more melody in the songs of your lives.

Srinath S T

Aspect Development India Pvt Ltd

Short Karnatak recordings

I am a regular reader of The Music Magazine. Congratulations on your continued efforts to keep this magazine informative and vibrant.

I recently moved from Singapore to Bangalore and so I request your suggestions on places where I can buy good music cassettes and CDs. I am interested in both Karnatak and Hindustani classical music. I seem to get good recordings of Hindustani music. But I notice that most Karnatak music cassettes and CDs lack elaborate rendition of ragas. A CD or cassette of 60+ minutes usually packs in at least 5-6 kritis and hence fails to provide good rasanubhava. I am particularly looking for detailed renditions in ragas like Shanmukhapriya, Kharaharapriya, Ranjani, Charukesi, Mayamalavagoula, Kiravani etc. My preferred artistes are: MSG, Dr MLV, Ravikiran, Dr S Ramanathan, GNB, Trichur V Ramachandran etc. Any suggestions?

Any news on Ustad Vilayat Khan Centre for Sitar?

It was very heartening to see that some good books on music are being brought out in Kannada. I bought Sangeeta Samvada (Bhaskar Chandavarkar's lectures translated into Kannada by Vaidehi) and Veeneya neralinalli (Doreswamy Iyengar's memoirs scripted by Bharati Kasaragodu). Do you know how to get Nanna Rasayatre (Pandit Mallikarjun Mansoor's autobiography)?

Srikanth N S

(We found Strand Book Shop at Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road, stocking some inexpensive Western classical CDs (Rs 90 each). Small labels are bringing out tapes with detailed renditions of the Karnatak ragas. We will write about them as and when we hear the recordings. We do our best to find out what is happening on the music scene, at the same time we request recording companies, especially the smaller ones, to keep us posted about their new releases.

We hear Ustad Vilayat Khan Centre for Sitar plans to begin classes in February. You could call them on 221 0349. Mansoor's autobiography has been out of print for quite some time. -- Ed)

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