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O S Arun: fond of Hindi bhajans

It's the mad season again!

With over 1,800 concerts slated for December, this is the mad season again. The Music Magazine brings you the excitement with some exclusive interviews and features.

From Delhi to Chennai  New
O S Arun, the young vocalist from Delhi, says you must enjoy what you do, and success will follow    New

Women on stage: who's where  
For decades it was MS. Now it's Sudha Raghunathan who commands star attention. Is this good music, or just good packaging? A look at the women singers on the Chennai music circuit   New

Season opens with fresh seats
Many sabhas, including the hallowed Music Academy, open this year's Madras music season with newly done-up interiors    New

Album reviews

An old-worldly dignity  New
Namagiripettai Krishnan's mastery of the best traditions of the nadaswaram is evident in a tape that displays middle-of-the-20th-century taste in kritis   New

A worthy album  New
Samarpanam is a useful collection of old and young stars singing the master composer Thyagaraja    New

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